A few weeks ago I got a message on Instagram from Olive & June asking for my address to send me some new polishes they had. I nearly cried seeing the message because they know who I am and value my nail polish opinion.

I then began the wait by the window, waiting for this package to arrive. When I saw Olive & June launched their new quick dry polishes I figured that was the package I was getting so I didn't purchase any. 

Well, on Friday, the package arrived to my door and I was over the moon. The colors they sent me are so pretty and perfect for fall. I received Sagey, Smooch, Lippy, Vintage and Koala along with the quick dry top coat. 

I knew immediately that I was going to be using Sagey first as it's the perfect fall shade. Sagey is described as an herby mid-tone green and it truly is a stunning color both in the bottle and on the nails. 

Before we get into the application and wear, let me talk a little about this new formula. Quick dry polish is something I am familiar with and I think it's something we are going to be seeing more of in the beauty industry.

Olive & June says their new formula dries in one minute, leaves a shiny finish behind and is anti-chip for up to 5 days. Those are some pretty big claims and I was excited to see if the polish measured up to those statements. 

For my first attempt, I used the Essie base coat, let it dry for a few minutes and then went in with the first coat of Sagey. It felt like a regular Olive & June polish, with the same bottle and brush, so that was nice. It went on evenly, smoothly and opaque... just like a regular polish would.

I did apply two coats because I always do, no matter the polish type or brand. It was two minutes after I applied the second coat when I decided to be brave and touch my what I thought would be wet nails.

The nail polish was DRY. It wasn't fully set yet because when I pressed into my nail, my finger left a mark but wow, I was shocked. It actually worked! I don't say that because I don't trust Olive & June, because I do, wholeheartedly, but you never know! 

I followed up with the quick dry top coat and you would never know I had quick dry polish on. It was opaque, shiny, and perfect - I was so impressed and I'm so excited about it. This quick dry formula is a huge game changer and I cannot wait to try out the other colors. 

One note: I did get a few dents before applying the top coat so just be careful for a few extra minutes.

If you are looking for something different to use on your nails, are curious about quick dry formulas or just really hate waiting for your nails to dry, then you will fall head over heels for Olive & June's new quick dry formula.

I'd love to get my hands on the shade Enchanted, a shimmering, deep violet and a few other shades below. 

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