A few weeks ago I saw Essie post about their new line of polishes called "Expressie". It has been advertised as an 'on the go' polish that dries within minutes. There are 40 shades in the line, all with adorable 'on-the-go' type of names like 'Desk Mani', 'Mid Day Mocha', and 'Seize the Minute'. The colors are described as unconventional and transeasonal which I completely agree with. These are shades that can be worn all year round and no one will second guess your judgment.

The colors are also strangely unique, especially for Essie. While I'm sure you can find a dupe, some of these colors are new to the eye. The shade "Don't Be Latte" is a beige, grey, green color that is unlike any polish I've seen before. There are also a handful of yellow colors in the range that don't look like fungus on your nails. It's very interesting and I recommend taking a look.

Essie also did a change upon their signature brush with the Expressie line. These polishes have an angled brush that makes it easy to paint your nails with BOTH hands. This also ties into the fact that these polishes are supposed to be used 'on the go'.

The idea of on-the-go nail polish is interesting, to say the least. No one really does their nails while running to an after-work dinner or in the car but have you ever WANTED to do that? Have you ever wanted to give yourself a quick manicure without worrying about the drying time or smudging your freshly done nails? I definitely have which is why this was so intriguing to me.

Also, no other nail polish has ever been marketed as a quick dry with actual claims... especially from a mega house like Essie.

Because of all of this, I placed my order for two polishes on Target.com within minutes of seeing the Instagram announcements.

My Review

The colors I chose were "Take the Espresso" and "Misfit Right In". Espresso is just what it sounds like, a true espresso, dark chocolate brown; surprisingly, I don't have one of these colors in my collection so this was the perfect time to buy one.

expressie essie polish review

"Misfit Right In" is super fun and I cannot wait to wear it! It's described as a shimmering bronze and looks just as good in person as it does online.

'Take the Espresso" arrived first and I applied it the moment I received it. I used my normal basecoat which currently is Orly Nail Defense and then applied two coats of the quick dry polish.

The bottle is different than a regular Essie bottle as it is slimmer and taller -- it's also important to note than the Expressie is .33oz while a regular Essie polish is .5 oz. so you're getting less polish for the same price. That doesn't necessarily bother me, though I know it will some people.

The angled brush was interesting; the handle is dipped on one side but the actual brush is very thin, similar to old school Essie brushes (not like the new flat, thicker brushes). It was a little difficult to get used to but it was easier to apply using my left hand which is the entire point.

I did not use a top coat as I really wanted to test out the quick-dry aspect. After applying the last coat to each hand, I ran my finger over one of the nails and nothing came off. The polish wasn't smudged and didn't come off on my fingertip. I've never had that happen after a minute or so, and without a topcoat.

Expressie is truly a quick dry polish! They have finally done it! A nail polish that doesn't smudge immediately and one that you could pretty much take anywhere with you. I don't know if I was convinced before but I'm the best consumer in terms of I'll try any gimmick at least once so my expectations were highly exceeded.

expressie essie polish review

While I didn't use a topcoat and the polish isn't advertised as 'no chip' I was pleasantly surprised to see minimal chipping after 3-4 days. I'm not sure if every color will be this way for every person but my nail polish chips pretty quickly so I'm excited to test out the other colors and see if it's the same.

If you love doing your nails yourself or you're looking for something to keep with you on the go, you will love Expressie. If you're a nail polish junkie and just want to try something new, I couldn't recommend this line enough. I will be back soon with a review of the 'Misfit Right In' shade!

Have you tried Expressie yet? Are you interested in trying it? Let me know in the comments below!


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