Summer Fridays has been my go-to brand ever since it popped up on the scene years ago. Their Jet Lag Mask has always been one of my favorite beauty products and with each new item release, I fall more and more in love.

When they released their Lip Butter Balm back in 2020, it immediately became one of my favorite beauty products. Even in the aluminum tube with no lip applicator, I loved it. Then, when they repackaged it and released new flavors, I became even more obsessed. 

I'm clearly not the only one who loves the lip balm as it's gone viral on TikTok a number of times over and is an essential of almost every woman I know. Every new flavor that is released becomes a new favorite and an instant sell out so it's no wonder that Summer Fridays is releasing a companion product -- their Dream Lip Oil that will be released on Sephora's website this week. I won't be purchasing until my no buy is over but I simply cannot wait to try this new lip product that will surely be a fan favorite.

For now though, I want to discuss the original and explain why it's the best lip balm I've ever used. Yes, you heard that right... while I still love my Glossier Balm Dot Com, I think the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm has officially taken the number one spot. 

The Formula

Lip Butter Balm is a vegan formula that is specifically formulated to hydrate lips, cure dryness and banish dullness (thanks to the glossy colored shine). It's formulated with Shea and Murumuru Seed Butters which are natural moisturizers that soothe, relieve and condition your lips. There is a mixture of vegan waxes infused into the formula that are meant to soften lips while boosting shine.

Unlike other lip balms, the Lip Butter Balm actually makes my lips feel like the dryness is being banished. I do not think it makes your lips feel drier and then in turn, you need to apply more. It cures the dryness (which I have a lot of ) and I find that when I do consistently use it, I don't need lip balm as much as I have in the past. 

The Texture

There's a reason the name of this product is the Lip Butter Balm. It's a very silky, smooth balm that sinks into the lips immediately and cures any lingering dryness. I don't find that the texture lingers on the lips in a greasy sense but gets into every nook and cranny to hydrate. This isn't a sticky balm that will get caught in your hair and leave a trail of gloss wherever you go but rather stay put and nourish your pout from the inside out. 

The Packaging 

The new & updated packaging is so much better than the original. Instead of an aluminum tube, it comes in a soft matte tube with a rubbery, bendable applicator that makes application so easy and seamless. 

The Scents & Flavors

There are currently seven scents/flavors/colors of the Lip Butter Balm, and an additional one that was limited edition. I have five of the permanent scents and the limited edition one...and I honestly love them all. 

Cherry, Brown Sugar, Iced Coffee, Vanilla Beige, Pink Sugar and Vanilla are the ones I have with Sweet Mint and Poppy being the outliers. Iced Coffee is the limited edition one that I hope they make permanent soon because it probably has my favorite scent of all of them and of course looks gorgeous on the lips.

Below is a rundown of each one:

  • Cherry: A classic sheer red that I wasn't sure if I was going to like but I wore it on Christmas and it was so beautiful! 
  • Brown Sugar: This is purple/brown shade that is ideal for the winter and while it's very dark, it can be wearable with the right outfit & makeup look.
  • Iced Coffee: This smells just like an iced coffee and I wore it so much in the summer and fall. It's the most beautiful milky brown that was really great for no makeup days.
  • Vanilla Beige: This is my most used lip balm and the one I've repurchased at least once. It's a simple milky beige shade with a touch of mauve and smells like delicious vanilla. 
  • Pink Sugar: This is one of the brand's newer shades and I was hesitant to purchase it because I wasn't too sure if I wanted a pink lip balm. While pink is my favorite color, it's not my favorite lip color. However, this is so beautiful and I wore it every day this past summer. It smells like delicious sugar and it gives a stunning pink tint to the lips. It's quickly become a favorite!
  • Vanilla: This is the original, the tried and true, the lip balm that started it all. It's clear so it's my go to when I don't need color but need to quench that dryness. 

While all but one of the balms have color, they are sheer yet buildable. You can control the amount of color you're getting but if you want to stay away from anything too bold, I recommend only sticking with the Vanilla, Pink Sugar or Vanilla Beige as the others have more of a colorful finish to them.  

If you need a new lip balm, there is no reason you shouldn't try Summer Fridays. I promise you won't regret it! 


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