This post was originally published in May 2018 but has since been updated.

As the resident bag lady of the Internet, I’ve had many a dream bag. I am constantly looking and longing for something new to add to my collection but for years, I knew there was one bag I had to have. I thought about it daily and dreamed about it nightly. I watched countless Youtube unboxings, reviews, and “WIMB” featuring it and I looked at all the NYC ladies on the subway with it.

I knew one day, she would be mine. That bag is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM.

And now, I have two of them. Talk about dreams coming true! Both Neverfulls are preloved but they are perfect to me and well worth it.

I got my first Neverfull MM in the classic monogram print in April 2017 from Tradesy. It was worn and has some tears on the leather lining at the top of the bag, but otherwise, it's in great condition. It didn't smell when I received it nor does the canvas have any issues. (knock on wood!) The lining was perfect and there was not a scratch/mark on it.

I paid around $500 for it which was a steal because the Neverfulls retail for well over $1500 at this point. Saving that much money is worth having a preloved bag, in my opinion.

I was so thrilled to have the classic Neverfull I almost didn't want to use it. However, I got over that feeling very quickly and it was one of my most used bags of 2017.

The first thing I thought of when I started using my Neverfull was that there is a huge reason it's called the Neverfull -- the bag is NEVERFULL. You can throw things in there, even unorganized, and it holds all your items incredibly well.

Sometimes I fill my bag up so much I think it's going to break but it does not -- the bag might look small but it surely is not. It does all of that while still remaining extremely lightweight; seriously, I am constantly surprised at how light the Neverfull feels on my shoulder, even when it's bursting with my items.

I should probably mention I use this as a work bag and it holds up against everything that I take with me on my commute. I always want to use this as an every day, errand bag like most women but I just have too many other bags that need my love and attention.

I mentioned that the bag is lightweight but I need to highlight this: I have had the worst back, neck, shoulder problems ever since I started using tote bags. It started when I got my first Coach tote bag my freshmen year of high school to use as a backpack. My body just cannot handle the weight on my shoulders and every bag I have ever used (with maybe the expectation of the Tory Burch Perry Tote) has hurt me.

The Neverfull DOES NOT HURT.

This week I was using one of my Kate Spade totes as a work bag and I was in so much pain it was unbearable. I decided yesterday morning to make the rash decision and change into my Neverfull MM Monogram and would you look at that, no pain yesterday and today!

You cannot go wrong with this bag.

I loved my Monogram MM so much I knew that I wanted to add another Neverfull to my collection. If you saw this video on my Youtube channel, you know that I recently purchased a pre-loved Damier Ebene Neverfull MM.

I have to say, I love this one more than the monogram. There is something so rich and gorgeous about the brown leather and the red interior. It's exactly the same as the monogram, it's just all based on preference.

The only difference is that my Damier Ebene bag is in much better condition than the monogram. Aside from a slight odor when I got it (which I took care of with dryer sheets), this bag looked brand new. I got it for around $700 on Ebay from a Japanese consignment shop. (They always have the best deals!)

In conclusion, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is THE BAG to have. If you are a tote lover and you just can't find one that works for you, please go get a Neverfull.

If you can only have one bag, choose the Neverfull. Save up your coins, don't buy any other bags and go get the Neverfull. Whether it's pre-loved or brand new, it is worth every single penny.

I can confidently say that my Neverfulls are at the top of favorites in my handbag collection.

Do you have the Neverfull? What are your thoughts?
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