Royal Round Up: Week 36

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Another short week has come to an end and it was the first unofficial week of Fall... with 90-degree weather in New York! It should be cooling off now and I'm excited to get truly into the Fall feeling of things.

For as much as I love Fall and love the week after Labor Day, I just felt off this week. It could've been getting back into the swing of work, mixed with extra hot weather and just a lot happening. I really just want it to cool off so I could fully enjoy Fall and do all the things.

Also, NYFW started this week so my Instagram feed, as well as the city, is in full-on fashion mode! I get the worst FOMO during Fashion Week but I am planning on going to a few events. First up is today and I'm going to a panel to hear the CEO and Artistic Director of Kate Spade speak (OMG). Definitely, follow me on on Instagram & Twitter (@bribrilukes) to see all the great stuff.

This weekend I have some stuff planned, maybe a date and my cousins' birthday and I get to meet my newest baby cousin (so excited!!).

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