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Wishlist Wednesday: Caseify Cases (And a Mini Review)

One of my truest obsessions is tech cases, usually iPhone and iPad cases. I think of them as an extension of my outfit, as an added accessory that I can express myself through. A good iPhone or iPad case really makes me smile.

Almost all of my cases are from Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, or Henri Bendel. I have a few random cases from nonname brands but I'm very drawn to my contemporary designer cases.

I've looked at a few cases from Etsy and had my eye on some, mostly to accessorize my phone for Fall but then I was scrolling through Instagram Stories and saw one of my favorite fashion illustrators, HNichols Illustration post her Caseify shop.

I've looked on Caseify before but always forgot about it; however, I couldn't resist her Fall iPhone case! It was just so beautiful and included all my favorite fall things from dark lipsticks to PSLs to scarves and candles. I just had to have it!

Then, I decided to look at the iPad cases because while I purchased a Lilly Pulitzer one recently I just felt like I needed another one. I have an iPad Mini 2 and they don't make a lot of cases for that version anymore so I feel like when I see one, I have to get it before it goes away.

Once again I had to get a fashion illustration case (I'm obsessed with fashion illustration and I feel like I need to go more in depth with that in another post) and it's such an amazing case! It has credit card slots, it's very thick and protective and has a great built it stand. It's everything an iPad case should be.

Those purchases sparked this post because as I continued to look on Caseify I saw so many cases that I am currently on my wishlist. There are a lot of fun designs, so many fashion illustrations to choose from and it's so nice to support those people who put their designs for sale on Caseify.

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*You can also create your own case on Caseify which is is so COOL. 

Have you ever ordered anything from Caseify?