This was a very long week and I'm happy it's over. Everything just dragged on and there were some little things that really annoyed me but it's the weekend!

Another reason the week sucked is because Kate Spade died. I wrote my post a few hours after I found out (and just posted it later that night) and I don't know if my emotions really came across that.

It was such a shock to hear that such a beloved designer who is responsible for one of the happiest brands out there took her own life. It just goes to show you that you don't know what's going on in someone's mind. Depression and anxiety provide you with a mask and you can wear it whenever you need to.

It's very interseting and of course, the conversation around mental health has been out in the open this week. I've always been very open about it because I was never embarassed about it but I understand that there are closed minded people out there that don't believe in anxiety and depression as real illnesses but guess what, it is.

I'm so sad for Kate Spade's family, especially her daughter who is only 13 years old. I honestly haven't been able to talk about it too much because I'm just so sad.

I've always felt that Kate Spade was a little cool club that only a handful of people really cared about the brand, myself included. However, the outpouring of love for Kate and the brand she built was insane. I was shocked at how many people actually had a true passion for the brand, even Anna Wintour who made a beautiful statement.

Her death has really shook me up in ways I didn't think ever would so it was definitely a weird week for me.

Anyways... here's what I loved this week... get ready for a lot of KS tributes

Have a great weekend everyone!

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