Goodbye September, hello October! I talked all about my love for the fall season & the month of October in last week's Weekly Wrap Up, so I won't go on another rant.

September was an odd month; I had a lot of motivation for the things I love, and struggled in some other areas. I made some strides with the blog, some freelance work, and got to attend some fabulous blog events. I've seen what could happen when I put in time & effort into my "side hustle" and it's pretty awesome!

I have high hopes for the rest of the year so cheers to that!

PS: I did a thing and started a podcast. Go listen to it! You can click that link & download, or just head to the iTunes store and search "Basic Bri" -- yup, real original name!

Let's get into the things I loved this month:

1. Estee Edit Beam Team Hydrate & Glow: Ever since The Estee Edit was released, I've been intrigued by the brand. They are supposed to appeal to millennials so I guess they're doing a good job. I had only tried one product from them, the Pore Vanishing Stick, and I liked it a lot. I needed more though, so when I saw this Holiday kit, I jumped on it. Since then, I've been using the Beam Team Hydrate & Glow every single day instead of regular foundation and have LOVED IT. I've gotten so many compliments on my skin and it's so nice. It's light coverage, but gives a really nice & natural finish to the skin. It's so easy to blend with your hands and perfect for those morning rushes. I definitely recommend trying it!

2. Orly Flash Dry Drops: I placed a hefty order this month and I wanted to try out the Orly Flash Dry Drops. I don't get manicures, I do my nails myself at home & have gotten so good at it... I mean if you read Manicure Mondays, you know what I'm talking about. I was really in the market for these types of drops. They really do work & make all the difference in how my manicure looks. It doesn't make it last longer (but it's not supposed to) but it does really make it dry faster. I will never be without these drops again.

3. Shop Evil Queen: Oh, you bet your butt we're talking about candles! I haven't made my annual  Bath & Body Works trip to get my pumpkin/fall candles, but in the meantime, I've been LOVING these candles from Shop Evil Queen. She has the cutest candles, and they're SUPER sassy! They are some of the strongest smelling candles, and the packaging is adorable. I have "Dam It's Early" which smells like coffee, "Pumpkin Spice Life" which is obviously Pumpkin Spice and "Sweater Weather" which smells like cotton. They're soy candles & chemical free, which is fabulous. It's not something that's uber important to me but it's a nice addition. It's just a great candle site and I need to purchase more.

4. POPSUGAR: I know I mentioned this in my Little Loves post but I needed to do it again. I don't know what it is but I've been obsessed with the company this month. Maybe it was my POPSUGAR Must Have Box, or the event I went too, but I just feel like I rediscovered the company. I downloaded the app and have been obsessively reading all the articles they post. They just launched their Career & Finance section and I've been LOVING it!

What did you love this month? Let me know in the comments!
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