POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

Being part of the PopSugar Select Blogger Program is a lot of fun, for many reasons. One of the reasons is this bad boy right here...getting the chance to review Must Have Boxes.

This is a subscription service for $40 a month which may seem pricey but all the boxes exceed $100, and you get all full size products. 

Each month is clearly themed and you get a goodie bag delivered right to your door. It's so much fun and I've considered subscribing myself.

For now, I'll stick to occasionally getting a box to review!

There was a lot of hype over this month's box mostly because there were no spoilers or reviews to be found until this week. Seriously, no one knew what was coming and people on social media/the internet were freaking out. 

I walked into my house Saturday morning, after running a few errands, and saw the box sitting on the counter. I literally let out a squeal, I was so excited to see what was inside!

I immediately opened it and dug in.

I wouldn't say I'm disappointed with the box because I'm certainly not...there just wasn't one product that wowed me. For example, in the August box, subscribers received a piece of Kendra Scott jewelry--that is a wow factor.

This was however, the most perfect fall themed box. So.Much.Fall.Goodness!

Shall we start?

//Happy Socks: The most adorable pair of high socks ever! I love fun designed socks, especially for the winter. These have an adorable animal print design and are dark colored (my favorite) so I can't wait to use these. (Retail price$12)

//Nailed Kit Halloween Decals: I love holiday nails but Halloween nails are something I never got into. I will definitely be trying these out once I redo my nails. They're really cute and seem easy to use! Be on the look out for a manicure monday--Halloween edition! (Retail price $8)

//butterLONDON Wink Eye Pencil: This was my favorite item in the box, because hey, it's an eyeliner. I've always wanted to try out butterLONDON beauty products but can't justify the price tag so I'm really happy I got this. It's a dark, metallic grey color that is super creamy and smooth. It's also really long lasting because I ran my hand under water and scrubbed to get off the swatch and it did not budge. This will be a fall beauty staple, for sure. (Retail price $18)

//Isaac Jacobs International Acrylic Frame: This is a precious home item and I think it's super cute. I won't be keeping it for myself but rather keeping it in my living room for my mom to decide what picture to put in it. It is a nice addition to the box though. (Retail price $36)

//Mine Design Chalkboard Candle: I was really really excited for this when I saw it! I LOVE candles, they're my new thing, and my Autumn Harvest candle is almost gone. The candle is held in a chalkboard container and comes with chalk to write on. It's the most precious idea ever and super fun and creative. The scent I got was pomegranate and it smells really nice. YAY for candles! (Retail price $24)

//Dean & DeLuca Pumpkin Spice Malt Balls: I haven't tried these yet but they look scrumptious. I'm an avid pumpkin lover so yeah, I'll try anything pumpkin. Add some dark chocolate into the mix and you've got yourself the perfect fall snack. (Retail price $5.75) 

//K.Hall Designs Shoreline Shea Butter/Olive Oil Bar Soap: This was a Popsugar extra which is always a nice surprise. I'm not huge on bar soap because I don't like the residue it leaves behind but my mom does so I'm sure someone will get use out of this.

Overall, I was satisfied with this month's box. It was filled with lots of sweet and cute fall items and I'm already looking forward to the next box I get to review!

If you want to subscribe to PopSugar Must Have, there's currently a discount code for $10 off a 3-month subscription! The code is: OCT10SELECT and expires November 2nd. 

What's your favorite subscription box? Tell me in the comments!

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