One of the major parts of a the sorority and Greek life experience is the sense of sisterhood and family that comes along with it.

When you go through the new member education of your sorority and become an official sister, you will learn that most chapters have family trees. Within those family trees, you will have a niece, an aunt, or a cousin.

With all those family relationships, there is one that is MAJOR. Your big and your little.

If you are around sorority girls at any given moment, you will probably hear them mention the love they have for their amazing big and incredible little. I know I have two amazing ladies in my life who I have the honor of calling my big and my little.

A sorority brings a big and a little and with that comes gifts...lots and lots of gifts. It could be a painted picture frame or a piece of jewelry, either way you are showered with gifts from your big/little.

There is one little company that has truly captured that relationship you have with your big and little. They have a great line up of products that you could buy to show your big or little how much they mean to you.

Little Problems is a company that I was once a campus representative for; Lauren created the company to focus on something else other than her boyfriend's deployment in the military. She rounded up the best sorority girls out there to create something truly special.

Little Problems has a line of decals and koozies that are dubbed with sayings such as "Little Gets What Little Wants", "Big Knows Best" and "Like Big, Like Little."

I bought my little a koozie that says "Little Gets What Little Wants" and she adored it! It's great quality product and sure to put a smile on any sorority girl's face.

It's not only a company that sells great products but a twitter account that literally tweets about #LITTLEPROBLEMS.

When I grow up, I wanna be classy, sassy, and absolutely damn fabulous just like my Big

you mess with my Little. Then you're dead.
People are always telling me, "You're definitely your Big's Little."

The unique thing about Little Problems is that some of the proceeds from your order will go toward the Wounded Warriors Project, helping injured military personnel.

Little Problems is such a special company that does so much for others while giving us sorority gals great products to love!

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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