I told you last week that we were in for a marathon of Olive & June manicure Monday posts... and this week it's all about the new quick dry shade for summer 'Melon'. 

There are few things that feel like summer more than a bright peachy, orange manicure. It reminds me of summers when I was a teenager, the beach, and being tan. It reminds me of Florida vacations, late nights and back to school season.

I haven't found a shade that truly matches that feeling in a while so when I saw Melon pop up on Olive & June's website... and as a quick dry shade, I was immediately sold.

Melon is described as "a juicy cantaloupe orange" which feels very appropriate. It's a beautiful mix of orange and peach, with a slight warm, nude undertone that is going to pop against beautiful, sunkissed skin. 

It's not too bright, not too orange or neon, so it's suitable for all occasions, in my opinion. I also think this would look fantastic as a pedicure shade though I haven't tried the quick dry formula on my toes just yet. That might change with this one!

While the color of 'Melon' was exactly what I was looking for, the formula was slightly patchy. I had to do two, thick coats and be really careful with how I moved the brush in order to get an even swipe. Once I applied the quick dry top coat, it looked much better but this was a more finicky polish than others I've used.

It won't stop me from using it, but it's something to note. 

The manicure also lasted a considerable amount of time, even when I was trying to pick it off. I think it was more than the usual 5 days that the Olive & June website says quick drys last and even then, it wasn't budging. I was very impressed with that and definitely need to take notice of the wear time of other new shades in my collection.

Melon will be in heavy rotation this summer and I can't wait!


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