Well, it's officially summer in New York! The weather has been incredible and it really makes all the difference in the vibes and mood. I'm looking forward to all my summer friends, making plans with friends and family, and trying to make the most of the summer before it's gone in a flash.

This week was pretty good -- lots of work, errands and Bravo shows to watch and then scream about on Twitter. If you want to read my final thoughts on this season of Vanderpump Rules, head over to my substack.

Tomorrow I'll be upstate for a bridal shower, and then I took Monday off so I have a nice little three day weekend which will be fantastic. This week at work is going to be very busy so I need to rest up and ensure I'm putting my best foot forward. 

Let's get into the roundup! 

Pink Positivity of the Week 

The weather was honestly so incredible this week. It made me so happy to have the sun shining, a cool breeze and the city abuzz with life. 

Links I Loved

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