It was another light week here at Royally Pink because I just didn't have the head. I was an anxious mess trying to prepare for London, which I leave for today! I'm writing this before I leave for the airport and I'm oddly calm. 

I had a full mental breakdown on Wednesday night which is pretty on par with when I usually have a breakdown before a trip. I need to get all my tears and anxieties out beforehand, and then I can calmly react and prepare. It's hard feeling like you're not normal for having these emotions and then once they pass, you question your sanity.

It's rough out here!

I'll be radio silent on the blog until I'm back next week, so be sure to follow along on Instagram and hopefully after this trip, and after I get some of my mind clear, I'll be able to return to form.

Let's get into the roundup!

Pink Positivity of the Week

We had some beautiful weather in New York this week, and it was really nice to sit outside at work for a bit and soak up the sun. I've really been enjoying going into the office and as much as I dislike the spring and summer, there is nothing like the first few sunny days of the season in Manhattan.

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