I really enjoyed doing my last 'Items I Use Every Day' so I figured I'd make it into a series! We're almost three months into quarantine and there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. However, as mentioned in last week's Royal Round-Up, I will probably be working from home until September/October. I'm not really that mad about it, though... it just feels super weird. 

Being stuck in the house I feel like I've been using more of my possessions (aside from my good clothes, handbags, and beauty collection) than ever. Some of these are new purchases, some are old favorites but all are getting some much-needed love! 

Cuisinart Air Fryer

I jumped on the Air fryer train pretty early on and eventually, got my entire family hooked on it. I originally had a GoWise Air Fryer from Amazon and it worked great but we were using it a lot and it started to die a little, and it was difficult to clean. I decided to invest a new Air Fryer that we could keep on the counter and was a little prettier to look at. Enter the Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer Oven. This little thing is less than $100 on QVC, is so sleek looking and gets the job done. My family & I use this every day, from making Trader Joes Chicken Tacos, hot dogs, veggies... we basically use this as an oven when we're feeling lazy. This air fryer is super powerful -- it cooks things in half the time it would take in a regular air fryer and/or regular oven. It's also really easy to clean because of the small, removable trays. I haven't gone a day in quarantine without using this bad boy. 

Volition Beauty Screen Time Mist

I love Bluelight protecting products. I don't' know why but I really have a soft spot for them and need them all. I want to protect my skin and my eyes because I'm constantly on the computer and I'm a sucker for 'gimmick products' (I don't think they are gimmick products but who knows). A few months ago I saw that Volition Beauty was releasing a Bluelight protecting facial mist and immediately purchased it. Before quarantine, I left this at work and would use it throughout the day but now, I feel like I've been using it even more. My skin has felt drier than normal so I've been spraying my face every few hours and I just love the way it feels. It might not be protecting me from blue light but it's an added bonus if it is! 

Summer Fridays Lip Butter

Summer Fridays is one of my top favorite skincare brands. I love all their masks & their CC Me Serum so when I found out that they were releasing a lip balm, I knew I had to try it. This is an interesting texture lip balm -- it's thick and emolument but very smooth. It's thicker than Glossier Balm Dot Com but thinner than Vaseline. It's like the best of both worlds! It's also one of the only lip balms that I can feel on my lips hours after I applied it, even after I wake up in the morning! And, a little goes a long way! 

Coffee Mug Warmer 

I've seen coffee mug warmers all over Instagram for months but didn't see the need for it. I thought about getting one for my desk at the office but then quarantine happened and I didn't see the point... until I realized I was an idiot and could be using it at home! At home, I usually have 1-2 cups of coffee per day and then might have some tea later in the afternoon, and of course, my drinks always go cold so I picked up this mug warmer (of course, in pink) from Amazon and have been obsessed. The warmer doesn't start until the mug is placed on it which is genius since you don't have to worry about having a hot plate on your desk. Within 5 minutes of my mug being placed on the warmer, it's super hot.. not even warm. And it tastes like you just poured a fresh cup, it doesn't taste old or burnt. It's amazing.

What are some items you use every day?

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