Happy Labor Day Weekend! The end of summer is here, fall is in the air and I am ready to decorate my home for the autumn season. This weekend is going to be a recharging one, but truly, when is it not? I'm planning on getting things done, seeing some family, and resting. I got really sick on Wednesday night and I feel like I need to just take it easy this weekend. 

As I write this, I'm feeling very stressed and anxious. I think it's a mix of work, money, the weather and my health. I feel like I've been on a hamster wheel and need to ground myself in something. Maybe I'll go for a walk in the park this weekend...

I've felt a little lost the past few days. I feel like I'm not really living my life and kind of just letting it pass by. I feel like I put everything off until the next day, and then the cycle continues. I'm sad that my Instagram got taken away and years of memories and hard work are gone. I'm sad that my blog doesn't get the views it once did, and that it feels like my dream of being a 'real influencer/creator' will never come. I'm just in my feelings a lot and it's been making me very sad. 

I don't want to get even more upset so let's just get into the round up!

I've been loving having a little chocolate treat at night.
These Hersheys Dark Chocolate Truffles are to die for

Pink Positivity of the Week

Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour Movie Thursday morning and I immediately bought tickets. I'll be going to see the highest grossing tour ever in theaters on October 20th, 2023 and then exactly one year later, I will be sitting in Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, seeing Taylor Swift's Eras Tour live! It's very poetic and very exciting.

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