August was a very long month and I'm very thankful. Time is moving too fast lately and I simply can't handle it. I want everything to slow down, to just be longer and not feel like my life is flashing before my eyes. 

August was a solid month; I settled into my apartment, did lots of fun things and feel like I learned more about myself. My mental health has been better, I'm back in a routine, have been working out more and just feel more like myself. 

That tends to happen to me as we get into the fall season and even though I'm not rushing time, I am so excited for the fall. I am ready for sweaters, boots, blankets and being cozy. I need that restorative time to heal and just feel like me. I already had a pumpkin spice latte and it brought me back to life.

This month, I loved a lot of things that were rediscoveries for me. As I moved into my apartment, I got reacquainted with a lot of my belongings and have been loving it.

Louis Vuitton MM Agenda

Last year I got rid of a lot of the Louis Vuitton agendas I had accumulated. I was overwhelmed and knew I didn't need them all. I was left with one of each size: GM, MM and PM. My GM is my every day agenda that I keep on my desk but then I found myself on the go without a notebook. I pulled out my MM Agenda within the past month or so and have felt so much more grounded. Having a planner with me everywhere is so important to my mental health because when I have a thought, I need to write it down. These agendas are truly my favorite ever and I'm resisting buying another one. 

Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw

7 years ago I bought a Barefoot Dreams blanket and never looked back. Since then I've bought a handful of blankets and to christen my new apartment, I thought I needed a fresh blanket! It just so happened that moving in and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale took place during the same time so I picked up a cream/rose In The Wild Throw Blanket. The rose color looks so beautiful on my pink couch and it is incredibly cozy and warm. I've been using it nonstop and can't wait for it to actually get cold so I can use it even more. 

bkr Bottles

I've always loved a bkr bottle but haven't really been using them because I love that my Simple Modern keeps my water ice cold. However, when I moved into my apartment and brought all my bkr bottles with me, I started using them all. I keep a few filled up with water in the fridge and just grab whenever I need something fresh. I use them alongside my Simple Modern because sometimes its just nice to have a water bottle versus a tumbler. I also love all the colors and sizes I currently own so it's nice to get some use out of them. 

What did you love this month?
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