I've received a lot of PR over the years, especially in recent years where I've gotten the chance to try out products from more relevant, bigger brands that I use and love in my everyday life. Spoiler alert: some products and brands I receive I actually don't like and usually give away, but I would say most stuff I receive is stuff I've requested or opted in to so it makes everything feel less wasteful.

It's been a dream to receive so many incredible products in so many categories, most of which I highlight on social media and don't give enough love on the blog, which brings us to today. 

These are my current favorite products I've received in PR; I've repurchased a few of them since receiving and they have all become staples in my daily life. 

Canopy Humidifier

This was probably the biggest piece of PR I've ever received, and one of the most expensive. I mentioned the Canopy Humidifier in my June 2022 favorites and it definitely deserves it's own post at some point but for now, let me say I cannot live without this. It is a saving grace for both my skin, my allergies and my sleep. I was sent the entire humidifier in PR, along with a set of aromas, and then was later sent the Laneige aromas which I love so much. 

I usually have the humidifier running daily and have noticed a difference in my sleep and skin when I don't use it. I tend to have drier skin and more eczema flare ups when I'm not using it, and using the aromas at night, especially Salt Cave, helps put me in the right frame of mind for sleep.

It hydrates the air (and your skin) and  alleviates symptoms of cold and flu. If you don't have a humidifier you need one, and I think the Canopy is sleek, chic and has a dual purpose with the aroma aspect. Canopy also has an oil diffuser which is smaller than the humidifier and I'm dying for the Skinny Confidential version. 

MERIT 1980 Brow

MERIT is a brand that I have discovered completely through PR and one that I have repurchased from over and over. I am obsessed with MERIT and it also deserves it's own post which will come later. It's minimalist beauty, that is also clean & vegan, and packs a punch in terms of payoff and product. I've tried almost every product in line but I think my favorite product from the brand is the 1980 Volumizing Brow

I received it in my first PR from the brand, have repurchased it a few times since and it's the only brow product I will use! It gives my brows incredible volume, keeps them in place and adds the perfect, subtle amount of color. It sounds so strange but if you need more volume in your brows, this is the product you need to try. 

Prada Paradoxe Perfume

The fact that I have received perfume from Sephora as PR is wild and a dream, and the fact that it's Prada just makes it better. This was a perfume that I had wanted for a while after it was released because I was so intrigued by the packaging and the notes. Paradoxe is described as a warm floral fragrance with notes of amber, musk and Neroli bud. I wear it at any and all times because I think the floral makes it perfect for spring but the musk allows it to be worn during the colder months when you want something cozy. It's a fragrance that I'll always have in my collection.

Olive & June Quick Dry Formula

How can I talk about PR products without mentioning the Olive & June Quick Dry Formula! When Olive & June asked for my address and said they were sending me something new, I was over the moon. The fact that it was a new formula type and fell in love with it is a bonus! Since receiving the Quick Dry Formula PR package, I've went on to purchase a lot more shades and I can't get enough. I've done multiple reviews on them so I won't talk too much, but just know that the formula DOES quickly dry and I can have my hands back within 10 minutes. 

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