How is it the end of June already? I simply cannot handle how we are already moving into July. It's been a wild month with lots of change: I got a new job, I got my wisdom teeth removed, made some strides in my personal goals, and made some significant moves in my mental health journey. It was a solid month honestly and I'm excited to see what July brings.

Though, I would be completely lying if I said I wasn't more excited that summer was moving fast because it just means we are one step closer to the best time of year... fall! And yes, I have started the countdown until the best season, I even bought a brown nail polish from Essie's Fall 2022 collection last week.

But, we still have two more months to go so for now, let's get into my favorites of June! 

Canopy Humidifier

I received the Canopy Humidifier in PR and I was overjoyed when I found out it was coming in the mail. My seasonal allergies are horrible all year round and having this humidifier running in my room is my saving grace. Not only does it help my allergies stay at bay and almost 'clean' the air in my room. I wake up without nasal congestion and don't feel myself wheezing as much as when I'm running this.

One of my favorite features of this humidifier is that it doubles as an essential oil diffuser. I just put the little stone in the center of the machine, pour a little oil (that is available on Canopy's website and one of them comes with the humidifier), and let the magic start. It makes my room feel spa-like and just puts you in another mindset. My favorite oil has been salt cave because it truly makes me feel incredibly relaxed. 

If you need a good humidifier I cannot recommend Canopy enough! 

Stoney Clover Lane Terry Scrunch Handbag

This is one of the new Stoney Clover purchases over the past few months and it is a good one! Stoney Clover released a 'Mermaid' collection that featured all terry cloth products. SCL has done terry cloth collections for the past few summers and I felt fine with what I have from those... until I saw the Scrunch bag. I have a scrunch handbag (which is just a little top handle bag that has a scrunchy handle) from the velvet collection of fall 2021. I didn't think I needed the terry cloth one but it was just too pretty to pass up. I bought the Seashell color which is just white and I have not stopped using it. It is much bigger than the velvet scrunch bag so I can fit a ton of stuff on a daily basis. It's lightweight, carefree (even in white color), and is just the ideal summer bag for daily errands, the beach, BBQs, and everything in between. 

The bag comes in blue and pink as well and you can't go wrong with any of the shades! 

Papier Notebooks

I have too many notebooks to count but one brand has my heart for the past year or so. I've started using them more (and buying more for many reasons) so it's time to talk about them. I discovered Papier on a whim, probably from social media or a newsletter, and when I ordered my first batch of notebooks I was obsessed. They have hardcover and softcovers as well as so many different inside layouts to choose from. I have a wellness journal that I love writing in on a daily basis but especially enjoy writing in the softcover notebooks. They are easy to bend without losing shape or showing wear and tear and just take ink so nicely. 

There are also a ton of cover designs to choose from, all of which are customizable; there's something for everyone whether you want a minimalist, sophisticated notebook or something more bold and wild. They are must-try notebooks! 

What did you love this month?
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