When Olive & June released their press on system I immediately bought the entire thing. I had tried to use them previously and enjoyed them more than other press ons I tried but I didn't take my time with it and I used the medium length, which ended up being too long for me. 

That's why when I received a PR box from Olive & June and it contained a box of short press ons, in their iconic white star pattern, I was over the moon.

It was a few more weeks until I used them but it was worth the wait. I was feeling a bit out of sorts with my nail polish choices and wanted something different, so I knew it was time to try out press ons again.

I decided to take my time applying them and do it right. I didn't file or cut them down because that is just too much work for me and I also didn't think they really needed it. They fit my nails perfectly and so many come in a pack that despite whatever nail shape you have you should be able to find a good fit.

It took me maybe 20 minutes to slowly and neatly apply the nails. I wanted to take my sweet time, apply enough glue and hold the nail in place for a minute or two to ensure it wasn't going anywhere. This time around, I did do something different and that was apply the Olive & June nail glue to both my actual nail and then the press on, so you're hitting it with double the amount of glue.

When doing this though, be sure to apply thin coats of glue so that it doesn't clump up or apply weirdly. 

Doubling the glue, using shorter press ons and holding the nail in place for a few extra minutes made all the difference in how well the manicure came out. 

I loved having longer nails, it was so fun to type and just look at my hands... I know that sounds weird but if you go from short to longer nails instantly, you know what it's like!

The press-ons stayed on with nothing popping off for almost a week. They would've stayed on even longer but I was getting irritated with them and wanted a change so I started picking them off. I've never had press ons stay on for longer than 2 days so the fact that I was able to seamlessly live my life and not worry about them snapping off was so nice.

When I did take them off, I did rip them from my nails which is not recommended - that's why Olive & June has a press on remover - but even with that, my nails were not brittle, soft or damaged when I removed them. As if Olive & June couldn't get any better... 

If you are looking for new press ons and want them to stay on forever, I cannot recommend the Olive & June full press on system enough. There's a print, pattern, color, size and shape for everyone, no matter your taste or style.

I cannot wait to get my hands on more of them -- below are a few that are on my wishlist. 

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