I've always loved red nails but it's not a color I wear frequently and every time I do wear them, I am reminded at how much I love them. 

There are so many different shades of red with different undertones, and truly something out there for everyone. I usually lean toward cherry reds, and reds with blue undertones similar to a true red lipstick and it's been a little bit of a chore trying to find one that was exactly what I was imagining.

Until a beautiful little Olive & June package arrived on my doorstep.

Last week, Olive & June sent me a package to celebrate their arrival at Walmart. I am always writing about how much I love Olive & June and their generosity towards me the past few months is a dream come true.

The package they sent had everything you could need for a full blown at home manicure, such as buffers, nail files, a Poppy, press ons, nail primer, nail polish remover (my favorite!) and a few of their best selling colors from their original formula line.

Included in those shades was CV, a classic red that is stunning in the bottle so I knew it was going to be gorgeous on the nails.

I was right!

I was already waiting for an Olive & June package that I ordered about a week ago so my nails were bare and ready for polish.

I prepped with the Olive & June Nail Primer, applied two coats of CV and then a coat of the OJ Glossy Top Coat. It's probably one of the best at home manicures I've ever done; I think part of that is because I went about a week with no nail polish or product on so my nails were feeling fresh.

I don't know if I've ever used this shade before but it's truly stunning; it's the perfect holiday/Valentine's Day red that makes you feel chic, sophisticated and fancy. When I have red nails like this, it makes me feel so cool. That sounds so silly but I can't help it! I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world with cherry red nails.

CV is one of the best polishes I've ever used because it's smooth, opaque formula; with one swipe you had full, bold color. I did two coats to be safe and the Glossy Top Coat works so beautifully with Olive & June polishes, better than when I use it with another brand. 

I get sick of nail colors pretty quickly and after a few days I'm ready for something different but I think this will be a manicure I continue wearing weeks in a row. 

I can't wait to try the other colors they sent me, as well as the ones I'm waiting to arrive.

What's on your nails this week?!

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