Press-on nails have always been a distant thought of mine. They looked beautiful but they were difficult to put on, made my nails weak, and didn't last. I just didn't have the patience to put on a set of press-on nails, gather all the products necessary for a press-on session, and take my time with it. I need instant gratification, the kind that a quick paint session gives me. 

All of that was true until Olive & June released their Press On System a few months ago. I immediately placed an order because I trust Olive & June with my life (...that's dramatic but it's how I feel). I know that the brand takes its time when it's developing products and they don't cut corners. 

Olive & June is going to give you everything you need to perfect a manicure, even if it's a press-on one. And that's exactly what they did. With the press-on system, there was no guessing game of what you needed or buying bits and pieces from a bunch of different places. The press-on mani system gave you an entire kit from start to finish.

I decided to go in full force and order the entire kit along with one press-on manicure. I've had the kit since December but haven't tried it out until now... and I'm not really sure why but better late than never!

What You Get In the Press-On System

The system is unlike anything I've ever seen but I guess that is what Olive & June is known for. They have a Mani, Pedi, and now press-on system to give you everything you need for the perfect at-home manicure. 

Within the system you get:

  • A nail clipper
  • A nail file
  • A buffer
  • Gentle cuticle pusher 
  • Cuticle serum (the best ever!!)
  • Nail strengthener  
  • Press-on removal kit
  • Press-on manicure of your choice
What took me by surprise was the inclusion of a removal kit. The reason I've always disliked press-on was because of the annoying removal process. The fact that Olive & June thought about that makes me so happy and was one of the reasons I got the entire kit.

When I placed my order I also added the full-size nail glue as well removal sponge replacements.
The press-on manicure kit I chose was 'Obvi' which is their metallic glitter version. Obvi comes in medium length and oval shape so I figured it was a fun way to get a glitzy, long manicure.

What to Know About the Press On Nails

Olive & June has a ton of different colors, designs, lengths, and shapes when it comes to the choices they give. There's short, medium, long, oval, almond, round... there is something for everyone which I can appreciate. 

You also do not need the entire press-on system as each manicure kit comes with mini nail glue, 2-in-1 file/buffer, cuticle pusher, and a prep pad so if you have your own nail file, clipper, removal process, you can just buy the manicures which I like.

Each manicure comes with 42 nails in 21 different sizes so you will definitely be able to find your fit... and if not, that's when you can concoct your own version and shape & file them down.

My 'Obvi' Manicure

I decided that after my friend's wedding I was going to remove my nail polish and put on the press-on. My nails and cuticles were clean and clear thanks to the professional manicure I had gotten a few days before so I knew my nails were as prepped as they could ever be.

I had previously separated the nails into the appropriate sizes for my nails so I was able to quickly choose my sizes and start the application process. I used the full-size nail glue that has a brush attachment to apply them and it was so easy I almost felt like I was doing something wrong.

I just applied one swipe of glue to the back of the press-on and pressed down hard on my own nail. Within a few seconds, the press-on was secure and looked beautiful. Within a few minutes, I had a full set of long, intense, glittery nails. They looked great and felt secure but they were a little long for my liking; they were also really difficult to function with. I couldn't type, wash my hair, open packages... it was a menace.

Because of this, I decided to take the nails off after two days which I was fine with. I was able to save them and I can reuse them when I'm prepared for long nails. You could definitely file them down but I had decided against it, only because I wanted to experience the full effect first. I think next time I will because they were just too long for me. 

The Removal Process

I was a little concerned about removing the press-ons so soon after applying them and I didn't want to ruin the nails as I wanted to reuse them. I decided to not use the removal system and instead, used the cuticle pusher to just pop them off. They came off so easily, I was so impressed. My nails underneath were not damaged nor were the press-ons. I can only imagine that it'll be just as easy when using the removal kit. 

My Thoughts

Even though I took off the nails after 48 hours, I loved them so much! I loved the entire system, loved how easy the process of application was and it's just so wonderful to have a finished manicure with no smudging... and all in the comfort of your own home.

I loved the press-ons so much I immediately went and bought two new pairs... this time in a shorter length so I can wear them every day. I purchased the Super Stars (short & round) and the Classic French (medium & almond). Once I receive them, I will do an updated Manicure Monday to discuss the short & round nails.

If you love press-ons or just want a simpler way to do your manicure at home I think you will fall in love with the Olive & June press-on system. It is quick, and simple and you get a beautiful manicure at the end of it.

What are your thoughts on press-ons? Would you try this system?

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