As I mentioned in a previous Olive & June Manicure Monday, their Fall 2022 collection spoke to me on an emotional level. I purchased a handful of colors and one of them was Tip Your Barista, a delicious, espresso brown shade. I was probably the most excited about this shade because it screams fall. 

It was the first color I used on my nails after the first day of fall. I was missing a chocolate shade in my collection and this definitely filled that void. 

Tip Your Barista, as I mentioned, is described as an espresso brown and it goes onto the nails like an absolute dream. It has the same Olive & June formula as others in my collection and that is one of my favorite things about the brand - the formulas are consistent from color to color.

I used two coats on my nails to get that really opaque color because it is slightly sheer when applied at first. For my base coat, I used the Olive & June Nail Primer and topped it with Essie Gel Couture. I honestly am done using anything but Essie Gel Couture as a top coat because nothing works as good as it does. 

With darker colors like this, there is always a bigger chance of it chipping sooner rather than later and this definitely chipped a bit faster. Either way, I loved how it looked on my nails and I will definitely be using this well into the fall and winter seasons.

Brown nails are truly having a moment and Olive & June's Tip Your Barista is the must-have color of the season. 

What's on your nail this Monday?

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