When I got the email that Olive & June was releasing their fall nail color collection I immediately went to the website to see the shades. What I found was one of the best nail polish collections I've ever seen. The inspiration behind the collection is coffee and cheekily titled "Cafe O&J"... I love anything coffee inspired and these colors have not disappointed.

I immediately purchased four of the six shades without hesitation. I already know that I love the formula and the shades I chose are my exact vibe; the shades I got were:

The minute I got the package in the mail I knew I had to use one of the shades, they were too beautiful to wait and I've been in too much of a nail polish slump this summer. Since we are technically not in the fall season yet (by my standards), I decided to go with The Usual. It is pale enough that it can considered a summer color but still has that gray tint that gives me a transitional vibe.

Before painting my nails with the new shade, I hadn't had polish on my nails in over a week. I just haven't loved any of the colors I had and was feeling my bare nails. I did have my Essie Hard to Resist Nail Strengthener on which helps me not feel like I have completely bare nails and it gives a nice, light pink tint so it's comfortable. 

For the first fall mani of the season I strayed from my usual prep routine and used the new to me, Olive & June Nail Primer which I picked up in my last trip. It provides a thin base coat that helps the polish adhere to your nails and I liked how the polish glided on top of it. I've been having trouble with my polishes looking goopy and thick on the nails and this base coat prevented that.

Then, I followed Olive & June's step by step process, which I should've been doing this entire time. That is to let each coat (including the base coat) dry for 5-10 minutes between applications. I think it definitely helped but in the end, the polish formula is divine. 

"The Usual" looks gorgeous on my nails and it is the perfect transitional or all year color. It's a great wedding polish or just whenever you need a lovely neutral. I love that it has that hint of lavender but you can't really tell. It's just so beautiful! 

However, my nails did chip after about 24 hours but I wasn't being careful and was doing a lot of cleaning and organizing so I guess it's to be expected. Either way, I'm so happy with this color and I'm just so happy to welcome fall colors back into my life.

What do you think of Olive & June's new fall collection?

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