Over the years it has been my frivolous goal to collect every type of Louis Vuitton agenda. Yes, I am that materialistic. 

If you've been following me for some time you know how much I love agendas, planners and notebooks. They are some of my favorite items ever and it takes everything in me to not buy a new one everyday. There are just so many beautiful, special notebooks out there and I want them all.

Some of the most beautiful ones are from Louis Vuitton and when I discovered them, I had to have them. I purchased my first one, a Monogram PM Agenda years ago and since then have been trying to find planner peace. Whenever I would see a picture on Instagram or a Youtube video of a collection of LV planners, I would daydream about having them all stacked up next to each other and constantly switching them out.

Eventually, I purchased two MM Agendas and as much as I loved them, they were never big enough for me and I always got a little distracted or overwhelmed by all the other options out there. 

I set my sights on the elusive Desk Agenda, my dream because you got the best of both worlds: you got a Louis Vuitton agenda cover but you also got the joy of using whatever physical notebook or planner you wanted.

Then, something odd happened and I started to feel like if the desk agenda was a good size for me in terms of planners or notebooks, maybe I should try for the GM Agenda. The issue with the MM is that it was never big enough and the GM is the largest ring agenda Louis Vuitton has so maybe that was the solution.

I was correct.

I now have a PM, two MMs, a GM and a Desk Agenda and I am officially overwhelmed but somehow also found planner peace.

The only agenda cover I've ever truly reviewed on the blog was the Agenda MM but right now I want to take you through the pros and cons of each.

Louis Vuitton PM Agenda

The PM agenda is just too small for a planner. I would recommend using this as an on-the-go notebook where you make grocery lists, jot down notes or just want something small to take with you wherever you go. This also makes a great wallet if you buy credit card slots and zipper pockets to build your own. There are a lot more cons for this agenda size than pros but I think there is a use for this in your collection if you love luxury goods or want something small and special.


  • Pros: Makes a great wallet or mini on the go notebook
  • Cons: Too small for an everyday planner

Louis Vuitton MM Agenda

This size agenda was perfect for me until it wasn't. I have two, one in the monogram print and one in the Damier Ebene and I love how beautiful and functional they are. I've used this size for years, switching between the two designs every few months. 

I've used them both in many different ways, sometimes they were my daily planner, for work, the blog, and sometimes I just used them as a catchall for whatever my heart desired. I've purchased so many inserts: monthly, weekly, and daily calendars, reading lists, skincare routine, capsule wardrobe, doctors appointments, habits and finance. 

The best thing about these agenda covers is that they are very versatile; you can make them whatever you want and the possibilities are endless. They are compact enough to take with you when you're out and about but big enough that you can comfortably plan and use them. 

However, as much as I've loved and used them over the years, I started to feel a little frustrated with how much space I didn't have. I have very large handwriting and this size just wasn't working for me anymore. I also wasn't going into the office and didn't need a planner to take with me anywhere. I was using it at home so the size started to become a very big con.

That is what lead me to buy the GM Agenda but first let's do the Desk Agenda...


  • Pros: Compact size, personalization of inserts, great everyday planner for commuting and if you have normal handwriting size
  • Cons: Too small for me at this point and size not necessary since I'm working from home most days

Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda

I have wanted the desk agenda for as long as I could remember. As I said before, I liked that I was able to have a Louis Vuitton cover but could use a regular planner or notebook inside. I liked the fact that it didn't have rings and was really customizable. I had looked far and wide for one that was in good condition for years and finally, in October 2021, I found a Damier Ebene cover in perfect condition. It was the perfect gift to myself after I got a raise, promotion and bonus at my last job. 

However, after using it for a a few months I realized that it was not what I was envisioning. I loved the idea of having a desk agenda but it wasn't really practical for me. I didn't like having to remove a notebook whenever I wanted and not having rings where things were secure was a dealbreaker for me. However, I did really enjoy the size and that is what ultimately lead me to the holy grail GM Agenda.


  • Pros: Completely customizable, can use cheaper planners and notebooks, great size
  • Cons: No rings, a little difficult to get in and out of, things might fall out

Louis Vuitton GM Agenda

For some reason the GM agenda, the largest of all the agendas (a A5/half letter size), never intrigued me. I don't know if it's because I thought it was too big, because I was content with the smaller sizes, or because they were too expensive but I never thought I'd buy it. That is until I used the Desk Agenda and realized how freeing it was to have a larger size.

I found a great preloved one on eBay and immediately knew I made the right decision. It is so beautiful, fits so many inserts and gives you more than enough space to write out all your thoughts. I have been using it everyday since I purchased it and love it more and more everyday. It is perfect and everything I wanted from a planner.

The inserts I currently have are:


  • Pros: Big enough for large handwriting, fits a large amount of inserts, very versatile
  • Cons: A little heavy, doesn't fit in my most handbags, more expensive and harder to find pre-loved

In Conclusion

I've sold the Monogram MM Agenda and the Damier Ebene Desk Agenda. I think the main problem was that I had too many planners and I didn't know what to use them all for but now, with the GM agenda and one MM to use when I need something smaller, I feel like I have planner peace. 

If you have any questions about Louis Vuitton Agendas, please reach out!


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