It's not a secret how much I love planners or how much I love Louis Vuitton. I've talked about my love of both frequently on here, and I even did a post about my Louis Vuitton PM Agenda and how I used it how as a blog planner.

I've since moved on from that and switched up a lot of my planners, and I have a much more cohesive, streamlined planning strategy.

However, in December, I got the urge for a new agenda, specifically the Louis Vuitton MM Agenda. I wanted something bigger, something chic and fancy so I looked all over the Internet for a preloved one in good condition.

eBay came through as always and I got one for under $250 from Japan. It is in near perfect condition but has that worn in feel. When I saw it in person, my heart was full.

Now I just needed to figure out how to use it.

After much consideration I decided that it would be my "desk agenda" and it would sit at home and be my everything planner.

I purchased the Minted Sugar pink monthly planner pages as well as pink notebook pages. Add in the marble folder divider and I was all set.

I had ordered what I thought was a PM dashboard a few months back but it turned out to be an MM so I used that, and then made my own dashboards with some card stock I had laying around.

It's been three months or so and I cannot live without this agenda and this set up.

I make my to-do lists for the week, what I need to buy, and anything else I need to remember for the week. In the back of the agenda, I make lists of ideas for the blog, Breaking Bradshaw, things I want to buy, or really anything that comes to me.

One of the main reasons I wanted this planner was after being in the Facebook group, 'LV Planner Party', I saw all these gorgeous decorated planners and wanted to be party of the fun.

I ordered this ADORABLE Breakfast at Tiffany's clip as well as a few others from this awesome Etsy shop. These few additions made the planner everything I wanted. I felt like a real Instagram gal..

Now that I'm thinking about it, I haven't been feeling my Damier Ebene Agenda (I just started using it as a wallet) and I kind of want to sell it and buy either a Vernis PM agenda or a limited edition LV. Hmm... will I ever stop overthinking my LV pieces? Probably not!

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