In a year that was unprecedented in so many ways, one thing remained the same: my love of stuff. I definitely had my moments... in the midst of quarantine, I felt that I did have too much stuff but a little purging and donating helped that. 

Ever since I was a little girl I loved my stuff. I loved knick-knacks and accessories to the point where my mom used to tell me she wasn't buying me 'junk' for my birthday and Christmas. I was always wanting quantity over quality... I can't help it! 

This year, I discovered new 'things' and definitely had my favorites. That sense of loving my stuff and discovering new items kept me sane in the midst of the worst year ever. I've narrowed down my favorite items (some are tangible items, some are brands, and others are not things you can purchase... you'll see what I mean)

Take a look back at my favorite items of 2019... all of them still stand true and were just more relevant this year! 

Let's get into my favorite items of 2020... 

iPad Mini 5th Generation

At the end of February, I decided to treat myself to a new iPad. My boyfriend was ignoring me and prepping for a breakup and we just started to hear rumblings of a new virus in China. I felt like I needed something fun and boy was I right! I've had 2 other iPads, one regular & one mini but my old mini was slow, had no storage and it was time for an upgrade. I treated myself to the latest iPad Mini because I wanted something small, that could be portable and was compatible with the Apple pencil. This has been one of my favorite purchases of the year that have endless possibilities. 

Some might think tablets are unnecessary but I can always find a use for a new gadget. I use this to read, to take notes, to edit and upload Youtube videos, to shop, and take care of any other business. It's a great second screen to have when working and I'm just so happy I bought it when it did. If you're considering an iPad, I highly recommend and I personally don't think I could ever have a size bigger than the mini because then I just feel like I should get another computer! 

*I talked about my iPad in my Items I've Been Using every day and August 2020 favorites

Gold Beaded Bracelets

This is a weird product but I really loved it! It was consistent throughout the entire year and I wore them every day, even when I was stuck in my house -- a little bit of jewelry always makes me feel normal in the midst of the pandemic. These were very on-trend this year and I think everyone and their mother started an Etsy shop to sell them. I think these gold beaded bracelets are the perfect mix of classic and trendy -- when aren't gold bracelets going to be in style? You can have plain ones or ones with charms.. they don't dangle, are flush to your wrist so they don't get in the way of your clothes or typing. They can stack beautifully and just look so nice on the wrist! 

I mostly purchased mine from Park and Beach, a small business started by influencer Zoe Dokas *who I am obsessed with*. Her quality is superb and I don't feel nervous that they are going to snap or break when taking them on and off my wrist. She has some that are plain or with a cool Disney twist (which I loved). I also have a few from Baublebar, which you can never go wrong with! Their quality is also amazing and they have so many cute charms and ways to customize them. 

Pink iPhone Stand

This is random as hell, I understand that but I cannot express my love for this iPhone stand enough. I talked about it in my October favorites but it really has been a favorite for much longer. First, I love the pink color. I love that it has a wide circular bottom to make it very level and sturdy, but my favorite part is that the actual holder, where your phone goes, is adjustable and can be flush against the stand. This allows for more level eye contact and it's easy for filming selfie videos. It also is just more uniformed, neat, and I love the way it looks on my desk. It's just the best iPhone stand out there and definitely a weird favorite but I had to include it. 


This is the nontangible item on my list but it was probably my favorite thing in 2020. TikTok saved me this year... I think it saved all of us! I have wasted more hours on TikTok this year than anything else and I don't regret a single second. I laughed, I cried, it gave me anxiety... it's just the best app ever. I don't know what we would've done without the Savage dance, Charli D'Amelio, and whipped coffee videos? 

Stoney Clover Lane 

I mentioned Stoney Clover in my 2019 favorites but that was premature because 2020 was the year of Stoney Clover. SCL became my lifestyle in quarantine and I purchased way too many products. I became immersed in the lifestyle, attended their weekly Zoom sessions, bought the products that weren't pouches, like clothes, mugs, scrunchies, I read along with their book club, and even received a PR package to cap the year off. Stoney Clover was an escape this year and for that, I'm very thankful. We have our own little Stoney Clover community on Instagram; we interact with each other, hype up each other's purchases, and just love the brand that Kendall and Libby gave us. I got my friends and family into Stoney Clover, I organized my life with it and really just love it so much. It brings me great joy and this year would have been the same without it! 

Here are some blog posts about Stoney Clover: Brand Buzz, Fall Inspiration, Stoney Clover Collection, Cozy Inspiration

Here's to 2021 everyone! 


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