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Stoney Clover Lane Cozy Inspiration

 So, yes, this another Stoney Clover Lane inspiration post. They launched their cozy collection today and I have been waiting for this day like it's Christmas. SCL released a cozy collection last year that I purchased a few items from and was kicking myself that I didn't pick up more.

Lucky me, Stoney Clover decided to release a cozy 2.0 and I didn't miss out this time. The cozy collection consists of three colors: moss, hazelnut and rose. It also has two materials: sherpa & fur... so you can be cozy all fall and winter long.

SCL released multiple items (and a few new patches) for this collection, including a new shape... the heart pouch which is a too cute for words. I figured before it all sells out (the mini duffle bag already sold out), I'd do an inspiration post so you can get in on the cozy collection. 

However, first up, let's look at what I bought.

My Cozy Collection Picks

Plain Rose Heart Pouch

Plain Hazelnut Mini Tote

Small Hazelnut Pouch with pearl letters

Purchase Inspiration

Moss Small Pouch with Buttercream Letters

Hazelnut Heart Pouch with Pearl Airplane & Heart

Hazelnut Mini with Pearl Letter

Moss Fanny Pack with Snowflake Patches

Rose Fanny Pack with Pearl Letters

Large Hazelnut with Buttercream, Pistachio, Sparkling Cider and 
Pumpkin Spice hearts 

Moss Heart with Cozy Rainbow

Hazelnut Mini Backpack with Pearl Letters

Rose Small Pouch with Pearl Airplane

Rose Mini Tote with Pearl Heart and Cozy Rainbow

Happy shopping!