I've mentioned Stoney Clover Lane over the past few months and I simply cannot get enough. I've admired the brand from afar over the past year or so, ever since seeing their pouches pop up on Instagram. It wasn't until September that I finally bought myself a pouch and the obsession has been in full force ever since.

Let's start at the beginning... 

Stoney Clover Lane was created by sisters Kendall and Libby Glazer; they started it out of their teenage bedrooms, on Stoney Clover Lane. It started out with bracelets and then eventually turned into accessories and pouches, which is what they sell now. The full background story is really interesting and you should listen to Kendall's interview on the Be There in 5 Podcast. It made me love the brand even more. 

With Stoney Clover, you can customize your bag to your heart's desire. They have hundreds of patches to choose from, from letters, numbers, cities, beauty items, planes... really anything you can think of, they have. 

They also have a lot of different style patches; small, large, mini, clear, woven; their classic patches are made of very strong, beautiful nylon with heavy-duty gold zippers that add something special to the bags. Aside from the nylon, they have leather, denim, and woven materials. 

SCL has done a few collaborations recently too, with major, fun brands like Lele Sadoughi and Love Shack Fancy. Those are the two at the top of my mind and the ones I purchased. 

You might think 'how many pouches could one possibly need?' and to me, the limit does not exist. They are great for packing, organizing your travel items, or just having on hand for every day. I use my small pouches in my work bag to throw everything in, and let me tell you -- so many fits inside one pouch.

I used to have multiple makeup bags to carry different items inside my work bag but now, I just need one Stoney Clover pouch and I'm all set.

It's also really fun to get them for different occasions, like the seasonal patches; for example, my sister got me one that is Halloween themed and I bought myself a mini pouch that has a pumpkin on it for the fall season. Stoney Clover Lane also makes a great gift for a Bachelorette or bridesmaids because they have wedding patches.

One of my favorite new forms of patches they have are social issues; you can now show your support for your favorite cause, like animals, women's rights, or gun control by buying an SCL patch. I'm also pretty sure a donation of sales from those patches goes to the corresponding organization which is incredible.

The best part? There is an easy to use customizer on their website that allows you to visualize just how you want your bag to use, with patches and placement. For a $15 charge, SCL will sew your patches onto your bag but all the patches have a sticker on the back so you don't *have* to get them sewn, or you can sew them yourself. I've used special fabric glue on a few bags and it works great but sewing is best. 

Stoney Clover is constantly releasing new items and I have my eyes on so many! I really want a flat pouch, a duffle bag, and a woven tote for the summer. 

I have three small pouches, two minis, a flat cozy pouch, a crossbody bag, and a clear top. I haven't really used my clear top yet since it's 'for travel' but I love my small pouches and my flat, cozy pouch. I recently picked it up on the day it launched, a few weeks ago and I have not stopped using it as a clutch.

My everyday bag preference was something with a strap... I've never really carried clutches but after using this adorable cozy one for the past few weeks, I'm definitely going to get into the clutch game. It's so nice to just carry something without straps getting in the way and I love the fact that it's just a big open pit; I just throw everything in there and hope for the best! I've gotten so many compliments on it too and I'm going to be so sad when winter is over and I can't use it for another few months. 

If you want something fun and trendy, I do recommend one of the cozy pieces. They are just so cute and I really want to get a small pouch in this style. 

All in all, Stoney Clover has become one of my favorite brands. I love the branding, the quality, and Kendall & Libby. It's such an aspirational and inspirational brand and just makes me so happy! 

Have you tried any Stoney Clover Lane products? What is your favorite?
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