Happy 2019! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years with your loved ones, ringing in the New Year and ending 2018 on a positive note.

I was originally planning this post for New Year's Day, but I was taken with some kind of bug and was out of commission all day.

Even so, this is still my first post of 2019 and I'm very excited about it -- mostly because I do like setting intentions for the new year; not resolutions but intentions and goals.

I did it last year and truthfully, I hit a BUNCH of my goals. Some were revealed in this post, others were kept close to the chest.

2018 was the first good year in a while; good things happened and I was pretty happy throughout the entire year. I felt good about it but for 2019, I feel even better.

Before I get into my goals for 2019, I want to recap my 2018 goals... and then I'll go into what YOU loved most about 2018 in terms of Royally Pink.

2018 Goals

1. Finish my book: I did not finish the book I'm working on but I made progress, had an idea for another book, and invested in Scrivner, the best book writing software you can find. I think 2019 might be the year for my book... we'll see.

2. Be published once a week: While I wasn't published weekly (on a platform other than the blog), I was published A LOT MORE. I made some appearances on Popsugar, The Newsette, and The Stacker. I was so proud of myself for this accomplishment and I have only high hopes for 2019 writing.

3. Go to the gym after work: While I didn't technically do this, I did purchase an at-home pilates machine from QVC this year and worked out every day after work!! Whether it's at the gym or at home work out, I still hit this goal. I worked out so much after work this year and that was what I wanted! 

A goal I did not hit? To save money and stop shopping.

2019 Goals

1. Finish my book: Self-explanatory... I have to put it on the list again! 

2. Save money: I have virtually no money saved and that is horrific... especially at my age. After reading Refinery29 Money Diaries (review coming soon) I now really understand the importance of having an emergency savings fund... and all that other financial goodness. I have some weddings coming up in 2020, I want to travel, I need to start being an adult. I think starting off with $500 a month is doable right now... we'll see how it works out.

3. Lose 20 Pounds: I am still down at least 20 pounds from my original Weight Watchers journey but 2018 was not the best year for my weight loss -- I stayed at about the same weight for the entire year so my goal is to lose another 20 pounds. If I get back on track, I'm confident I could do this.

4. Consistency: After six years, I've gotten writing 4-5 days a week for the blog down pat. Now it's time to expand to my other mediums. I was on a roll over my mini break with my Youtube channel and I started the Royally Pink podcast as well. I want to be consistent with these mediums and reach a new audience. It's easy to start things... it's not easy to follow through and stick with them.

Honorable mentions: Get published into four more outlets, get a tattoo, go to a Medium. 

What You Loved on Royally Pink

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Thank you for an amazing 2018 and I know 2019 will be our year!xoxoB

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