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Manicure Monday: Essie Fall 2018 - Stop, Drop, and Shop

At the beginning of every season, I'm ready to change up my nail polish. By the time August comes around, I want vampy, dark colors and am done with hot pinks and neons. I also get super excited for the new Essie releases and this season, the colors are INCREDIBLE.

I purchased my first one the minute I saw them available on Ulta.com (and it helped that I was already placing an order for the 21 Days of Beauty sale.

The first one I picked up was "Stop, Drop, and Shop" and I don't think there has ever been a more perfect nail polish name for me.

Online, it looks very red yet on the nails, it's slightly more berry/red and it's so, so beautiful. At first, I thought it was similar to Angora Cardi but I swatched them side by side and Angora Cardi is much more brown/plum.

It's described as a deep, mulberry shade, and I think that's a great way to put it. It has a little bit of all your favorite fall colors; berry, brown, and red.

My cuticles are a MESS. Please don't pay attention ;) 

The formula is really wonderful -- it applies like a dream, is very creamy and dries very nicely. I did notice that it chipped within a few days but honestly, there are few nail colors that do not chip on me.

While this performed like all other Essie shades I've recently tried, there was one big surprise when I opened my polish.


I was stunned and so surprised that Essie had changed their brush. It made the polish and the nail painting experience so much better. It is wider, flatter, and fits your nail perfectly. If you have ever used the Gel Couture polishes, it's the same exact brush but I prefer the regular Essie polishes so I'm so excited they have implemented this change! I feel like it makes such a big difference.

I'm assuming that the other Fall colors have this brush and probably all new collections going forward!

When I wore Stop, Drop, and Shop I got so many compliments and I know it's going to be a polish I wear all season long. I highly recommend checking this out!

Another Fall shade I cannot wait to get my hands on but I'm a little nervous about is Fall for NYC, it's a mustard yellow but it looks so beautiful in swatches. I need it!

What colors are you excited about this Fall? Will you be picking up