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Handbag Review: Kate Spade Make It Mine Byrdie

I love doing handbag reviews because they are my favorite accessory piece, but you already knew that. I think handbag reviews are very important because they're usually a big purchase and you should know what you're getting before spending money.

I always am looking for handbag reviews and sometimes it's really hard to find them. It's very easy to find certain brand reviews like luxury brands (LV, Chanel, Gucci, etc) but harder to come by the contemporary brands, such as Kate Spade.

That's why I tend to review my Kate Spade bags regularly, but also because I love this brand the most.

Today's review is the Make It Mine Byrdie. Kate Spade took their classic Byrdie bag and transformed it into a convertible bag where you can change the flaps and straps to customize the bag and give it a different look.

Personalization is such a big trend and what consumers are constantly looking for nowadays, whether that's in beauty or fashion, and Kate Spade has capitalized on this big time.

I bought my Make It Mine Byrdie in November, as a birthday gift to myself, after lusting after it for over a year. I love the idea of buying different flaps to give yourself a completely different look.

I love the bag and it's really a great everyday bag. The one qualm I have is that the bag is a little tiny for my liking but I love to carry around the kitchen sink with me on a daily basis.

If you want to see my full review, I did a Youtube video about it and showed all my flaps and how you switch them out!

Have a great day everyone!