I had a Weight Watchers Wednesday scheduled for today but truthfully, it's just the same stuff every month. My weight fluctuates every 3 weeks, I'm still stuck at this stupid plateau and even gained two pounds last week. I'm trying but failing and I almost don't want to discuss it because I'm so disappointed in myself.

Which is why I nixed that post and decided to do an old-fashioned wishlist. My 26th birthday is coming up in a little more than two weeks (November 30th), then Christmas, and there are a lot of things I want. I start making a birthday/Christmas list around September (when I was younger it used to be August LOL) and the list keeps changing.

I will most likely be getting money from my family members which I want to save (and splurge on a few items) for my birthday but my family doesn't like getting me money for Christmas so I always give out a little list. Also, as always I will be treating myself! I've had some purchases planned for a while and I'm ready to finally pull the trigger on some of them.

denim shawl-louis vuitton-royally pink-birthday gift

My #1 item that I will be buying is the Louis Vuitton Denim Shawl. I've wanted it for so long and looking at photos of people wearing it makes me so happy. I long to be that fabulous so maybe the scarf will spruce up any outfits I have.

louis vuitton-bandeaux-royally pink

Another Louis Vuitton item I really have been wanting forever is a bandeau. I really want to add an adorable, small scarf to my collection and in reality, they aren't that expensive. I will definitely be trying to pick this one up within the next few weeks!

rebeccaminkoff-edieflap-royally pink

I also really want a new bag... or two or three. But really, when don't I want a new bag? I will be picking up the Rebecca Minkoff Edie Flap Shoulder bag. I've wanted it since it came out a few months ago and I think it's the most gorgeous grey bag. I love the quilting and it reminds me of a beloved Chanel bag that I will never get so why not? Rebecca Minkoff is underappreciated in my collection and I really want to start loving her bags again!

Those are my three must-haves but everything else I have my eye on is below... you can assume that most of these are Kate Spade items because have you met me or read the blog?

Kate Spade Wishlist

Everything Else

What is on your wishlist this year?

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