The time has come! August is FINALLY over and I am so thrilled about this. Summer is done and we are onto fall.

August has always been one of my favorite months because it always meant the same thing: fall is on its way, my favorite time of year is just around the corner and August always meant back to school! To me, August is a fresh start and the beginning of something new. 

This summer was pretty good though -- I didn't do a ton and worked a lot but I had some good times with friends, and actually started dating someone so I spent a lot of time with him which is really nice. I mentioned this last week and who knows, I may dive in deeper but for now, I'm keeping it lowkey!

Last week I bought my first set of Fall candles and I know that Starbucks is releasing Pumpkin Spice Lattes this week. I haven't decided if I'll buy one or if I will wait for after Labor Day (my usual PSL timeline). I know I will be waiting until next week to burn my Fall candles and break out all things pumpkin! 

I had a few favorites this month despite the fact that I did a crapload of shopping ...

1. Tory Burch Fleming Shoulder Bag: I've been talking and thinking about this bag for years but haven't seriously considered it until about 6 months ago. I eyed them up on all different retailers but couldn't justify $500 for a Tory Burch bag. I turned to my favorite preloved websites, eBay and Poshmark and finally found a decent one with minimal wear on eBay and purchased it immediately. It was under $200 and I am just in love. I haven't been using any other bag (aside from my work bags) and I cannot get enough. Full review coming soon but I had to include it because it is such an amazing bag.

2. Bath and Body Works "Focus" Candle: I've been waiting to burn this candle for months, I'm not sure why, but I finally took the plunge this month and oh my goodness, it's an amazing candle. It is meant to make you feel more 'focused' so I moved it to my desk and have been burning it when I have to get a lot of work done and it's probably a placebo effect but I feel like it works. It has a great aromatherapy smell and makes me feel so good. It's a candle I will definitely repurchase and feel comfortable burning all year round.

3. Laura Geller Filter First Luminous Foundation: I'm unsure if I mentioned this but it's been my favorite foundation this month. It was released in early July but I've been really diving into it in August and it's amazing. It feels so incredibly lightweight on the skin, has decent medium-full coverage and has a gorgeously, natural luminous finish. I don't really wear foundation in the summer but I actually have been making excuses to apply this!

4. Lilly Pulitzer Medium Agenda: This is the first time I ever purchased a medium agenda and I don't think I'll ever go back! It's so compact and lighter than the larger Lilly agendas but still, have so much room to write comfortably. I love August for the sole reason that I have a fresh planner to ruin and this month has been no different. I've become obsessed with my Lilly agenda and it's a true lifesaver -- I remember why I have purchased so many in the past. 

What were your favorites this month?
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