TGIF! Do I start off every Royal Round Up like that?

It's a nice long weekend for me -- 6 days off to be exact and I'm so excited! I have a summer Friday today, took off on Monday because I thought I was going away and then off for 4th of July on Tuesday & Wednesday.

I'm hoping to relax, get a lot of stuff done and maybe hang out with some friends. Sometimes you just need a long vacation to chill out!

Last night I rearranged my room because we had to move my sister's dresser into my room. She graduated college last month and will be moving home soon so she needed a bit more space in her room, and she didn't need the dresser.

I was unsure if I would like it but I have fallen in love with how my new room looks. I always liked rearranging my room; sometimes, when I was little, I'd come home from school and my cleaning lady would have rearranged my entire room. I LOVED IT because I felt like I had a new space and love a good interior design change.

It keeps things interesting, I guess.

My desk is now in the corner near my windows which feels cozy and productive, I have a dresser to make organization easier, and I switched my handbag display on its side to create more wall space. I'm in love!

This post is coming super late because I was so busy last night and was out all day today. I went to Tiffanys and literally balled out (not really but it felt like it). I walked in and knew exactly what I wanted, looked around for a bit and just bought them. It was awesome and I've never done that.

I purchased the Bead Bracelet with the blue Tiffany heart, and the Bone China Coffee Cups (I didn't spend $95 on cups -- I had a gift card from a contest I won at a conference and used that!)

Now it's time for the things I loved on the Internet this week!

What you missed on Royally Pink:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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