I have the interior design gene and I get it from my mom. She's always decorated our houses with such detail and beauty. I remember when I was little, we'd constantly be in furntiure stores or Home Goods looking for new pieces to add to the home.

Sometimes I'd come home from school and the living room and dining room would be rearranged, sometimes the living room ended up in the dining room and vice versa. I always loved to rearrange my own room and see what layout gave me the best floor space.

I never minded moving so much (I've lived in 7 houses in the same neighborhood in my 24 years of life) because it meant I got to pick a new paint color, new comforter, and a new feel for my room.

As I've grown up, I've taken that love of decorating with me. With the rise of 'living' content on the internet, Pinterest, and internet based design companies, there is so much inspiration online and at our fingertips.

When I moved last summer I was ready to decorate my room the way I wanted too. I was ready for a mature bedroom with all the Pinterest elements you could image. Well, that's what I got and you can see the full tour here.

I've changed things up a little bit, added a dresser and a hangbag organizer but today I want to talk about my favorite, current decor that I either have or is on my wishlist.

Throw Pillows: I LOVE throw pillows and have so many. I think they really add something special to the room and you can have fun with them; they can reflect your personality and your mood and I love that. It's like having a graphic t-shirt with your favorite saying. All my pillows are from Dormify, which is a great website that always has a good sale and is great for young adults on a budget.

Wall Hangings: Whether it's a photo or a tapestry, a wall is not complete without a little eye candy. I have a gallery wall of sorts in my room and this is a huge trend in design right now. I highly recommend heading to Etsy to see what catches your eye. All my gallery wall photos are from Etsy and they're adorable.

Candles: Candles are my favorite thing in the world and I have so many scattered around my room. Whether you choose decorative candles or tiny ones from your favorite brand, having a few candles around (even if you don't light them) create a cozy vibe.

Little Decor: Whether it's a lipstick tower, a figurine, or a champagne bottle, I love having little decor pieces around the room without having it be too cluttered. My current favorite piece of decor are jewelry trays; I probably have 6 floating around my bedroom!

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What are your favorite decor pieces?
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