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Interior Design Diaries: Gallery Wall

I tackled how I decorated my room with coffee table books already, and explained how that was on my decorating to do list.

Something else that has been on my decor to-do list even longer, and even more important than coffee table books?

A gallery wall.

It's such a cliche and a typical blogger/twenty-something girl to have but I couldn't help it. A gallery wall was calling my name and the moment I found out I was going to be moving, I started looking for prints.

Etsy is the place to go for prints, in my opinion. I decided to just buy the prints for cheaper, and frame  them myself. I thought it was silly to pay $80 for a print, when I could buy it for $15 and buy my own frame.

I waited until I was moved in and a bit settled to order the prints and frames; I wanted to figure out the best place to put the gallery wall and how many photos I needed.

My mom bought me two regular, but fun photos to hang on my wall, which you can see below:

Because of this, I knew I didn't want too many photos for the gallery wall, so I only purchased four photos from Etsy, from a variety of shops.

There are so many incredible artists on Etsy, and so many prints that fit my aesthetic, but I knew the types of photos I wanted:

Something related to Carrie Bradshaw
A macaroon print
A lipstick/perfume/or nail polish print
A makeup quote
Something fashion related, like shoes or a handbag

I chose the four I wanted, ordered them, and waited patiently. Etsy, depending on where the seller is, does take a little long so it was a waiting game. Once they did arrive, they were well worth the wait because they were so nicely packaged and well protected.

I went to Target and picked up these frames in a few different sizes (2 black frames and 2 white frames). My mom and I hung the frames within 30 minutes and I had my perfect gallery wall.

I am completely obsessed with the wall; it came together perfectly and really reflects the feeling I wanted. I'm also not mad at the fact that I found a print of Carrie Bradshaw's closet. I mean, she is my idol so it's only appropriate.

Here's what the wall looks like:

My tips for building your own gallery wall? Get the right photos to match the theme of the room, choose the right frames, and don't overcrowd. A few photos can get the job done, and if you think it looks a little empty, you can always add more. Start small... if you have too many photos, you just wasted some time and money. 

What's your favorite way to decorate?