Living in New York for my entire life you would think that I love coats. While I love the fall and winter, and I love the cold, I hate wearing a coat.

Maybe hate is a strong word, but it's not my favorite. Mostly because whenever I'm wearing a coat, I become overheated. I'm wearing a heavy sweater and then a heavy jacket on top, I tend to get super hot, super fast.

There are mornings where it's in the high 40s and I have my heaviest, coziest sweater on and I'll head out the door sans jacket, but otherwise I muster up the courage to wear a jacket and suck up the sweat.

That being said, I do like to have a coat or jacket (what is the proper term?) that is comfortable and that I like to wear.

There are so many different ones, for so many different occasions, in so many different colors. Between bomber jackets, pea coats, quilted jackets, and everything in between, here are some of my favorites that I already own:

Winter coats-winter-fashion-fashion files
J.Crew Faux Fur Jacket(sold out, similar here)
J.Crew Quilted Jacket
Larry Levine Parka (This is similar to one I have from last season)
American Eagle Bomber Jacket

Here are some that I've really been lusting after this year but haven't purchased:

What is your opinion on coats & jackets?

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