I've always adored Christmas, I mean, which kid doesn't? As I got older and Christmas started feeling less like Christmas, the presents under the tree were smaller and more expensive, and the climate changed (It was 70 degrees on Christmas Eve last year!!! GTFO), it started feeling less and less like Christmas.

It depressed me like no other because I didn't want that feeling of Christmas to go away. I wanted to feel jolly and holly all day long.

It was then I discovered that I can make it feel like Christmas, even if it doesn't REALLY feel like Christmas.

This means, watching only ABC Family/FreeForm the entire month of December, sitting near the Christmas tree, making Christmas themed desserts, and decorating every corner of my house.

Now, this was difficult the past few years because I was sharing a room with my sister and the room just wasn't what I wanted it to be. Now, I have my own room and I've been decorating the way I want too.

christmas-christmas decor-royallypink

I decorated for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and now Christmas. I put out my mini decorations the day after Thanksgiving, along with helping my mom set up the Christmas tree and the rest of the house decorations.

christmas-christmas decor-royallypink

christmas-christmas decor-royallypink

Stringing Christmas lights along my ceiling and burning Christmas candles every night is such a huge help in lifting my spirits.

christmas-christmas decor-royallypink

I started looking at Christmas decor during October and saving what I wanted as I went along. I just finished Christmas decor shopping last week and I don't even care.. I'm so happy with my little corner of the North Pole.

It may not look like much, but it is exactly what I wanted.

christmas-christmas decor-royallypink
Nordstrom At Home Blanket

christmas-christmas decor-royallypink
Christmas Pajamas! 

Below, you can find some of my Christmas decor along with what I wanted but didn't end up getting:

Along with some Christmas themed loungewear! 

How do you make it feel like Christmas 24/7?
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