Another week come and gone.... and a fast one at that! This week flew by and I'm excited to finally get my October started. This weekend I'll be headed to brunch and some shopping, and then enjoy my long weekend since we're off on Monday!

Next weekend, I'm headed to New Jersey with my family for a fall festival; pumpkin picking, candles, beer, and lots of fall food. I cannot wait!

This week was super exciting, I launched my podcast called Basic Bri. I'm going to be talking about entertainment, news, books, and everything in between. If you enjoy reading what I have to say on Royally Pink, come on over to Basic Bri and LISTEN to me ;) Don't mind my thick Queens accent haha.

The week was EXTRA special because Luke's Diner debuted across the nation! I am a HUGE fan of Gilmore Girls and I promise, as November 25th gets closer, you'll be hearing more about my love for them. I was so excited to go to Luke's Diner, and so thankful that there was a coffee shop particpating right across the street from my building.

Look at this!!

Before I get into my links, I wanted to show you this. I had a work event this week, and this was the view from the venue. Talk about GORGEOUS! Honestly, this city never fails to take my breath away.

Here's what you missed this week on Royally Pink: 

Here are the links I loved:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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