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College Fashion Week Recap

This post is brought to you by Her Campus Media and its College Fashion Week brand partners.

I attended Her Campus College Fashion Week in New York City over the weekend, and my goodness it was incredible.

I've been to a lot of conferences and "blogger" events over the years but I think this was my favorite. Clothes, beauty, food, and goodie bags... it was just the ultimate girls night out.

The event was held in Manhattan and I arrived at 5:45, escorted in by some HerCampus staff, along with other InfluenceHer bloggers who were covering the event.

The event venue was huge, and all white -- it was the perfect spot for a fashion show. I was inside by 6 PM and the show didn't start until a little after 7, so I had plenty of time to look through my goodie bag, and roam around to see all the sponsor tables.

There were a few tables set up: Maidenform, Insomnia Cookies, a candy table, Bertha Watches, European Wax Center, Boxed Water, and KIND bars. You bet your sweet butt that I got myself loads of candies & Insomnia Cookies, along with a KIND bar (I think it was a new flavor called Roasted Nuts & Honey -- SO GOOD), and Boxed Water, which I've never had.

I also got a brow consolation at the European Wax Center station; a gorgeous, lovely women named Natalie helped me out. My brows are pretty bold, but I never could seem to get them right, no matter how much I try. She transformed my brows with some European Wax Center products, and they looked super clean, precise, and perfectly bold. I definitely won't be able to achieve that on my own but ugh, they looked so good!

Soon enough I found my seat and the show started; they had 4 different sections: Rush, Festival, Study Chic, and Girls' Night Out: my favorite shows were definitely Study Chic & Girls' Night Out. They had REAL college girls modeling and the clothes were created by MySocialCanvas & Bow and Drape (one of my favorite designers). The looks were completed by FitBitVince CamutoPerfumania, and Rebecca Minkoff, and honestly, I didn't even think a Bow & Drape sweatshirt could look THAT good. I was totally inspired to switch up how I wear my Bow & Drape sweatshirts a little more fashionably.

The show was over before the sloted 9 PM time, but I was more than happy to get home and dive into my goodie bag.

I got a VIP bag & special influencer gifts, and my goodness, this had to be the best giftbag I've ever received at an event.

The VIP bag had a FULL SIZE Triple Sec from DryBar (we all know how much I love that brand), a coupon for a FREE FitBit Flex 2, a PeopleStyle Watch Magazine, a bag of SkinnyPOP, some HerCampus swag, and lots of coupons!

The bag itself is adorable; usually the bags from these events aren't that nice, but how adorable is the winking face?

Now, the really good stuff -- I was so excited to get a 2nd goodie bag, specially from HerCampus. This was the jackpot: a Rebecca Minkoff makeup bag, a Lavendar FitBit Flex2, Essie Nail Polish, a free blowout from DryBar and a Vince Camuto perfume! Does it really get any better than that? I don't think so.

All in all, it was a fabulous event. I think if you're interested in fashion, beauty, and fun events like this, you would love it. It's just a great night out -- and don't be fooled, just because it's called College Fashion Week, doesn't mean you have to be in college to enjoy it, take it from me!