Happy Halloween!

Usually I would post something Halloween related, but I figured an October favorites was just as good!

October is my favorite month, even if my birthday is in November. September is the Sunday to the fall season, but October encompasses everything good about fall.

It's just starting to get cool, you get to break out the riding boots & wear comfortable, chic sweaters. Hot coffee makes it's comeback for good, and the leaves are truly changing. You can just smell the change of weather in the air; I walk outside in the morning to go to work, and the air is crisp and it just smells and feels like fall & happiness.

I think it reminds me of college, because my campus was so beautiful in the fall (I mean, look at it!)

fall-monthlymuse-favorites-october-iona college

It reminds me of homecoming, and walking to class, and day drinking, and lunch with my sorority sisters.

There are so many good things about the fall, and I'm sad to see October go. I am happy to say hello to November, Thanksgiving, and my birthday. It'll be the first birthday & holiday without my dad, but I'm keeping a positive attitude because I know that is what he would want.

Woah, got dark & deep for a minute there. 

Anyways, I'm going to continue to watch Hocus Pocus until 11:59 PM tonight, and drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes until December 1st.

monthly favorites-monthly muse-drybar-october-fall

That being said, here are my favorite items of the month.

Kate Spade Wink Drive Bag: The moment I saw this bag on Kate Spade's website, I immediately had to have it. The structure is perfect, the material is wool like, and I mean, look at that wink face design! It was screaming with my personality, and I had to have it. I have too many bags to count, and I had just purchased this Henri Bendel bag, but I needed it. I decided to purge & sell some of my older bags, and justified buying this one. It's perfect for work, and fits everything, but always maintains the same structure which I love.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: My skin has been drying up like a cactus this month, so I broke out my trusty FAB Ultra Repair Cream. This stuff never steers me wrong, and I've been using it for 2 years. It's the only thing that gets me through the winter, and you can use it all over your body. It's safe for sensitive skin & works great with skin that suffers from ecezma (like myself).

Nordstrom At Home Blanket: This is in my sidebar in the Loves & Wants widgets, and I had to actually talk about it because I've been obsessed. My room is pretty much all white, with some beige accents and I had a fluffy white blanket at the edge of my bed, but I wanted something else. The moment I saw this beige blanket, I put it in my Nordstrom.com cart. It now sits at the edge of my bed, and the white one is on my desk chair. It completely pulled the room together and made it feel a little cozier. While this is more of a show blanket, it is comfy enough to be used on an extra chilly night.

Drybar: This isn't a new favorite, but it's a favorite that has resurfaced a lot this month. I've made a few more Drybar purchases, bought Alli Webb's new book, and bought some gorgeous items from the DryBar Collection, including this sweatshirt and mug. I've just been feeling this brand on every level, and I feel like I need everything from them. I love what they stand for, and I love how much they care, and teach their customers. It's an awesome brand, and I just made my 2nd appointment for later in November. If you haven't been to TheDrybar, I HIGHLY suggest it! 

I think that's it for my favorites, check out some more below & have a happy, safe Halloween! Cheers to November 1st ;)

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