Weekly Wrap Up

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It was a short week, and it seems like it took forever. It was a hectic work week, and that always feels like it takes a huge toll.

I'm excited to say hello to the weekend again, and excited because there are a lot of fun things I have planned for the upcoming weeks. You will definitely be seeing them on the blog!

It's also NYFW and you can feel the hype in the Manhattan air; I'm not planning on attending events (it literally snuck up on me) but I'm having so much fun following along my other favorite bloggers as they go from show to show! Ah, to be in the big leagues! Hopefully one day ;)

Does anyone know that I lie to myself constantly? I'm supposed to be on a no buy, but made some exciting purchases that I'll share with you all as well! I am PROMISING myself that a no buy will ensure  from here on out, someone hold me accountable!


If you are behind on your blog readings, here's what you missed on Royally Pink this week:

And.... here are the links I loved:

Have a good weekend everyone! :)
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