I've never been keen on watches. I had the trendy Michael Kors one in high school, and I have a Kate Spade bangle watch that I never wear. The reason I hate them is because the ones I always saw were big and clunky, not practical for me.

Now that I work full time and am always at my computer and the watches clink against my desk and keyboard and make an incredible amount of noise. For this reason, I hate metal, linked watches and much prefer leather.

This was something I just discovered though, because to me, leather watches didn't look feminine enough for me or weren't as stylish but I think that's all changing. There are more and more leather watches on the market (or I'm just paying attention more)

My girl, Kate Spade, always comes through though. I feel like she's just released a bunch of new watches that cater to the simple gal like myself. I love to be fancy, it's been my motto for as long as I can remember but I do love simplicity, especially in items like watches.

That's why Kate Spade is always my go to. She has the best stuff and you know you're getting quality when you buy Kate Spade. She never steers me wrong.

You know where this is going...

I was searching the Kate Spade website & Nordstrom as I do on a daily basis and saw so many watches I want and are now on my wish list.

There will be one of these (preferably the ones with the roses) in my near future.

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