The last Brand Buzz I did got so many positive responses so I thought I'd change it up and do a post on one of my favorite high end brands.

Too Faced has always been #1 for me and they just keep getting better and better. Their packaging is too cute for words, they have pretty unique products, and they're amazing.

I've tried a decent amount of product from Too Faced, but I haven't tried everything. There have been some things I didn't like -- like the renowned Born This Way Foundation and the Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer, and there are still things that I need... like the Peanut Butter & Jelly palette that is releasing next week!

For now, though, let's talk about the things I swear by!

Eyeshadows: Too Faced has the best eyeshadows in the business, in my honest opinion. It's better than the Naked Palettes, better than anything I've ever tried. I will always go back to Too Faced shadows. They are smooth, buttery, blendable, and pigmented. They are NOT powdery, don't have any fall out and you don't have to work too hard to apply them. My favorite palettes are the Chocolate Bar Palette & the Natural Matte Palette. They are both neutral palettes but they are a must have in anyone's collection!

Melted Chocolate Diamonds, Melted Candy, Melted Rainbow, Melted Chihuahua, Melted Nude

Melted Lipsticks: I was so excited when these came out. They were one of the first "liquid lipsticks" on the market, and they aren't really even liquid lipsticks. They don't have a true matte finish and they come in a squeeze tube, which is odd but really cool. I like the applicator, it's very unique and these have an interesting smell. I'm not prone to smells but some people are so that could be a turn off but it doesn't bother me. I really love these because they are easy to apply and have a semi long lasting power. The color selection is super unique and I just love everything about these!

Better than Sex: This mascara has the RIGHT NAME. This mascara is the best mascara I have ever used and I don't even know how many I've gone through. It was the first high end mascara I tried and if I had to pick one to use for the rest of my life, it'd be this one. The wand is pretty big but that is what I prefer, and the formula isn't too wet. It leaves my lashes with a lot of volume and it can be a bit clumpy/messy but that's never really a real issue for me. It also helps separate my lashes, which is what I look for in a mascara. I need something that is volumizing and separating and that is Better Than Sex. No other mascara compares to this one in my opinion.

Hangover Rx Primer: I've raved about this primer many times before so I won't ramble too much but it's incredible and I really miss having it since I ran out a few months ago. It's hydrating and I would sometimes just throw this on with some concealer and call it a day. It is made with coconut oil and is perfect for those with dry skin. If you have dry skin and need a moisturizing primer, definitely go try this one.

Loganberry, Cinnamon Kiss, Pink Chocolate, Nude Beach

La Creme Lipsticks: Another great lipstick by Too Faced! These are very moisturizing and have a tendency to bleed but I just can't get enough. They feel amazing on the lips and the color selection has every shade you'd ever need. And the packaging? YES PLEASE! How cute is the gold? It's very heavy and feels luxurious so I feel like a true beauty guru whenever I use them.

Love Flush Blush: These blushes are no joke, between the colors, the names, the 16 hour wear, and the dam packaging!!!! I bought this off HSN last year when it was released and it's one of my most worn blushes. I have the color "Love Hangover" and it's a beautiful peachy pink--these blushes are pigmented in a good way, but not too much where you look like a clown. They're soft, blendable, and really do last a good while.

Little Black Book of Bronzers: I'm pretty sure I've talked about how much I wanted this product before but I never wanted to spend $50. I mean, the bronzers inside are very tiny, but I still couldn't justify it. Thankfully, I found it in Nordstrom Rack a few months ago for half the price and scooped it up immediately. It's a little book that has every Too Faced bronzer and my goodness, I'm very happy I have it. Their Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is one of my favorites so it's nice to try out all the other ones. There is a bronzer for every single occasion and I basically never have to buy bronzer again! All of them have similar formulas, whether shimmery, satin, or matte -- they blend out beautifully, aren't too pigmented where you can't control how much product you apply to your face, and the chocolate bronzers smell like chocolate! Too Faced definitely does bronzers right!

I need more Too Faced in my life but these are hands down, some of the best products I've tried from them!

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What is your favorite high end brand and your favorite products?

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