I had a three day work week this week. Yes, three.

Memorial Day & then my summer Fridays started today so I'm off from work every other Friday. It was a short, eventful, stressful week but nonetheless, it happened and its over.

I am in another long, much needed weekend mode with a packed schedule of doctor's appointments, a keratin treatment for my hair, hopefully going to the Mad Men museum, lots of blogging, photo taking, some shopping, and maybe laying out in the sun if the weather permits.

So a lot of nonsense is planned, as per usual!

I was very proud of myself that I wrote 5 blog posts on Sunday AND scheduled all my social media. That is more than I've done in over a month and I'm looking to keep up the momentum.

I don't have much to say because it's 9:30 PM on Thursday, I'm tired, and my brain is just not working properly.

I thought I had a lot more links but these are pretty hefty and I really enjoyed all of them! Keep an eye out next week for one or two more posts than usual

Bethenny Frankel is a powerhouse and IDC what you say

I do way too many of these things and I DO secretly love them

Love the one who waited

Justin Bieber, you have done it again. #ovariesGONE


Mad Men just got all of us. I miss it already

Happy weekend everyone!

What did you love this week?

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