I've never been a fitness guru and by no means am I one now. But, I have become slightly more conscience of food and excerise. I'm actually happy with how I look, for once in my life, but even then, I may not be as healthy as I should so of course there is always room for improvement.

I'm also someone who is into the latest trend and loves to shop. I love gimmicky things and if people are talking about it, I need it. Give me the latest technology, lipstick, shoes... just give me it all.

Combine that with my want to be healthier, in all aspects, and you've got a fitness tracker.

I've seen this trend time and time again and was always curious but honestly, they were too expensive. I didn't want to bother with Fitbit or Nike Flex Band, they looked a little too complicated and were too bulky to be worn for the every day, in my opinion.

I knew when I got a fitness tracker I'd get the JawboneUp. It was the first one I had heard about and I had a few friends who had it so I was aware of how it worked.

In mid January I saw that JawboneUp was on sale, on Target, Best Buy, and a few other retailers. I knew that this was my chance. It retails for $130 and I wasn't about that life but I could swing $60 no problem.

As if the shopping gods were watching over me, no retailer had my wrist size in the color black (I wanted black because I thought it'd be better for everyday but now I wish I had gotten grey). I was disappointed but found a solution.

I checked Amazon because why not and in turn, they had a black JawboneUp in a size medium wrist for $45 with free shipping. I never ordered something so fast.

I've been using it since then and honestly, it's so freaking cool. I'm obsessed. At first it was weird to wear something on my wrist everyday but I've gotten used to it.

JawboneUp tracks your sleep and the number of steps you take per day. You have to sync the bracelet with your phone (after you download the app) to see your progress and you also have to charge the band every 7-9 days.

You could also count calories using the app but after reading some reviews, I found that using MyFitnessPal and syncing it with your JawboneUp app is much better. MyFitnessPal has a lot more food options when tracking calories and having it sync with the Jawbone app is painless.

Step tracker
Food tracker
The JawboneUp app is very sleek, easy to read and keep track of everything. You can create teams with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or contacts to encourage each other and see how other people are doing with their journey.

Sleep tracker

I was first really intrigued by JawboneUp and fitness trackers in general because I sometimes have trouble sleeping and I thought it'd be cool to see how much sleep I'm getting and how many times I wake up during the night. I was blown away by how accurate this bad boy was. It tells you how long it took to fall asleep, how many hours of sound sleep you got, etc. It's so cool and honestly, I've seen such a difference in how I feel each morning after getting the right amount of sleep.

One of my favorite parts about this fitness tracker is how it gives you "Today I Will" which are different goals based on your progress. It holds you accountable for different items, such as eating 25g of fiber or having a set bedtime. It's so cool and just helps you become that much healthier and develop different routines.

Using the JawboneUp for the past month/month and a half has been awesome. I'm much more aware of how many steps I take, how much I'm working out, sleeping, and how many glasses of water I drink. You could even track your mood!

I'm really obsessed and cannot get enough of this little device. I think it's so cool, so worth it, and really helps steer you in the right direction for a healthier lifestyle.

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