Well this is late and I realized I missed a 'Links' post last week #bloggerfail. 

This was an exceptionally good week for me. I mostly worked from home, thankfully because the cold here in NYC should be illegal. I've never felt a chill much like -9 degrees and I hope no one else has to experience this.

I made a trip up to campus this week for Big/Little night and it was like I hit my refresh button. Big/Little is my favorite night of the year and I'd say most sorority girls agree with me. There's something so innocent and special about a new member turning around and seeing her big sister. I get the chills and cry every.single.time. 

This was extra special because I finally became a GREAT Grandbig...so yeah I'm really old but she's a precious little nugget and I'm so excited for my entire sorority. 

A little brunette family tree loving :) 

Being up at school with my sorority sisters and my best friends, I have never felt more like myself. I've been in such a rut lately and being there, seeing everyone, it was just the best medicine. I came home feeling refreshed and happier (and a little more tired #postgrad) but it was wonderful.

I'm in for a fun yet relaxing weekend of dinner and drinks with my girlfriends, resting, and blogging...and then the Oscars on Sunday so it'll be good.

Here's what I was loving this week (and a little from last week):

A very interesting and incredible write up about some of my favorite bloggers and the blogging industry! 

I'm a semi morning person and I find these all to be true.

The 2:30pm feeling is alive and real, I promise you.

I always have serious FOMO about fashion week and this helped me feel a bit better about it.

Dark chocolate vs. milk chocolate....I'm a dark chocolate kind of gal.

I could get on board with these February drugstore buys! 

What'd you love this week?

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