I've never had skin issues before. My face and body have always been free of acne, completely moisturized, never too dry.... I couldn't ask for better skin.

That is, until this winter.

For some reason, my skin freaked out on me and I think it's because I was home in Queens for the entire winter, for the first time in four years. I say that because when I would come home from school over Christmas break, I'd notice a change in my skin and in my hair. The water just wasn't the same as it is in Westchester.

I also have been commuting to and from Manhattan a few times a week so being in a gross, disgusting subway system for two-three hours a day doesn't help.

I may not know the exact reason but I do know that my skin reacted very badly to the dry, winter air.

I complained a bit about my under eyes being puffy, itchy, and dry and finally I went to the dermatologist and part of that ended up being an allergy to FRAGRANCE. You have no idea how upset I am that I can no longer wear perfume.

It may have been an allergy but I do know that some of it was eczema or extremely dry skin.

It wasn't just under my eyes that was suffering, it was my cheeks and my chin and my entire body. In the few weeks that I was dealing with these dry skin issues, I of course, being the product junkie I am, did my research and found some kick-butt products that helped me and my skin come back to life.

//First Aid Beauty: I had seen this brand everywhere for months before I finally bought something. I knew it was perfect for sensitive, dry, eczema prone skin. Sephora had two items on clearance that I thought would be great for me. I purchased the "Dual Repair Eye Cream" and the "Ultra Repair Lip Therapy" and they both worked wonders. When I didn't know my eyes were reacting to an allergy, the cream cleared it up in two days. I was amazed. The lip therapy is a Vaseline like texture and leaves my lips moisturized but without heavy feeling. I need more from this brand, ASAP.

//Simple Nourishing 24 Hour Day/Night Cream: I wasn't moisturizing my skin at night and I knew it was taking a toll. I needed a good nighttime moisturizer that wouldn't leave my skin feeling tight or greasy. I knew immediately that Simple was the way to go. It's made for sensitive skin and this is an air light moisturizer that can be used during the day or at night, so really, there's nothing better. 

//Evian Facial Mist: I did a whole post on this weeks back but it's such an essential, I know I'm going to need to purchase another one soon. Whenever my face feels itchy or dry, I spray some of this (over or under makeup) and it instantly hydrates my skin.

//Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream: Aveeno is one of my favorite skincare brands (even though I don't own a lot of their products) so when I knew I had a problem, I looked toward Aveeno. I bought this particular cream and it's a more gel like consistency than I expected but it works incredibly. It has a cooling effect and just instantly moisturizes your skin, leaving you hydrated and smooth. I use this on eczema spots but also when my skin feels itchy and dry. It fixes the problem immediately.

//Deramest Eczema Medicated Lotion: This was the first thing I bought besides the Aveeno lotion and it continues to work like a charm. It has that dermatologist like packaging so I figured it'd work (stupid reason but I was right). It clears up any dry patches I have, on my face or body, over night. It's truly like magic.

//Clarisonic: I mentioned this in my December Favorites and it continues to be a huge asset to my skincare routine. It removes all the dead skin cells, leaving a super smooth canvas for my moisturizer. Let me know if you'd like to see a full review post on this bad boy!

//Cetaphil Cleanser and Moisturizer: I use both of these products in the morning because they're super gentle and are simple. The moisturizer has SPF which is great and leaves my skin totally hydrated for my makeup. The cleanser is a basic cleanser that does just that, cleanses. It's better to use a basic cleanser in the morning and leave the fancy stuff for nighttime.

Do you have any holy grail dry skin items that help battle eczema, psoriasis  or basic dry skin? Please let me know in the comments!!

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