December went incredibly fast...way too fast for my liking. I so enjoy the Christmas season. My favorite thing to do this month was light a candle, turn on a Christmas movie, light the Christmas tree, and sit on the couch for the entire night.

There was nothing more relaxing.

I needed all the relaxation I could get this personal life was a mess and I felt as if I was spiraling out of control. I just couldn't get a grip on anything and it was incredibly frustrating.

I got past it, with the help of the holidays and satisfying my sweet tooth. I'm in a much better place now and ready to really get my shit together.

I was really sad to see the Christmas season go...we took down my Christmas tree and there's no more red cups at Starbucks and life is just not as fun without Christmas.

Anyways...I had so many favorite things this month (most of them beauty products) and I tried out so many new beauty products so those reviews will be up and coming soon.

For now, here's some favorites.

NYX Wonder Pencil: I saw this in an article online and went out to the drugstore that day and found the last one at my CVS. I have the shade 'medium' and it's basically a 'do everything' pencil. The packaging says you could use it as an eye brightener or neutral lip liner but I've only used it on my eyes. I put it in my water line every day, even on days I don't wear makeup, just to widen and brighten my eyes, making me appear more awake.

Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara by Tarte: I'm not a huge mascara buff; I'm not too picky when it comes to any makeup aside from concealer so I switch it up a lot. I got this baby in the Bon Voyage Collectors set and I haven't been using anything else. It's a skinny wand, not too wet of a formula, and makes my lashes really long and separates them. It's a great everyday mascara and I've been addicted.

Sweaters: This is such a random favorite but I'm obsessed with sweaters. I live for the fall and winter seasons so it's rare that I'll be in anything but a sweater. I love my J.Crew sweaters for standard wear and dressing them up with a statement necklace or scarf. My favorite though, has been my oversized American Eagle cardigan. Talk about comfortable. Ugh, it's heaven!

Clarisonic: I feel like this should be a January favorite because I got this bad boy for Christmas and only have been using it for two weeks but I can't get enough. I'll do an entire post at the end of the month about it but I've never known how much I needed this. My skin is singing praises since I started using it!

Aerie Waffle Sleep Leggings: Another random favorite from Christmas...I got these pajama pants from my mom and really haven't been wearing anything else. They're super comfortable and stretchy but cinch at the ankle like leggings. They're just as the name says, legging pajamas and my mom thought they'd be uncomfortable but it's the total opposite. I love sleeping and lounging in these because I don't feel like I'm wearing pajamas. Give me more pairs!

Californication: I feel as if I always have a TV favorite but this was the show of the month. I watched 7 seasons within a week and a half and already started rewatching it because I missed it so much. It's super easy to go through but dear lord, it's inappropriate. Sex, drugs, nudity...but the story is incredible. I'm addicted and it's definitely one of my top 5 shows of all time!

I have so much fun stuff planned for January and the rest of the year so stay tuned :) 

What was your favorites in the month of December?

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