With the holidays come holiday bar crawls....

Or is that just me and all the people in NYC? A bar crawl to celebrate the most wonderful time of year seems weird but not to the thousands of Santas who every year, run through the streets of Manhattan, drunk and disorderly.

Santacon is a beloved tradition in New York (and they try to shut us down but they can't) and I know there are definitely other Santacon-like bar crawls across the country.

I blogged about my first Santacon experience last year and I'm tackling it again this up coming weekend with all my alumni friends.

I'm honestly really excited about it this year, mostly because I know what to expect, I'll be with all my best friends that I haven't seen in a while, and I'm in need of alcohol, desperately.

The one thing I struggle with in times like this is finding a fun outfit to wear. These types of events always sneak up on me and I never have time to prepare nor do I have the motivation to think of creative ideas.

As of right now, I'm wearing a Grinch sweater and a Santa hat. We'll see if my plans change...

If you're on the fence with your costume or are unsure if you're going to actually be attending, here are some last minute ideas.

Santacon 1

//Ugly Christmas Sweater: I think I may be the only person who doesn't have an ugly Christmas sweater in their wardrobe but if you're stuck on a creative, Santacon idea, go simple. Grab that sweater, jeans, boots, and a Santa hat and you're good to go. No one will judge your decision.


//Character or movie: This sort of goes along with throwing on an ugly Christmas sweater but throwing in your favorite holiday movie into your costume is a really fun option. It's still really simple and easy to throw together but will still give you the holiday impact.

Santacon 3

//Reindeer: This is another really easy costume that you can make as outlandish as possible. I was a reindeer last year and we went as 'holiday' as possible. Grab yourself a pair of reindeer ears, a white shirt, brown leggings, brown boots, and a cut ton drawn on nose and you have yourself a Santacon outfit.

These outfits are also great ideas for fun, holiday parties that invite you to dress up. They're just fashionable and fun enough to be acceptable on all accounts.

What are your costume ideas for holiday parties and events?

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  1. As of right now, I'm wearing a Grinch sweater and a Santa hat. We'll see if my plans change... grinchsweater.blogspot.com